2, 4 motor fiber welding machines, and 5, 6, where is the difference between the motor fiber welding machine?

by:Tumtec      2020-05-19
2, 4 motor fiber welding machines, and 5, 6, where is the difference between the motor fiber welding machine? Must first understand that optical fiber welding machine is to weld together, two optical customer demands on the connection at the same time a: low dissipation, low loss, and low dissipation, important thing three times, so either 2/4/5/6 motor fiber welding machine, as long as the loss is low, a few motor is fine; But they have some different from the real process, the result is different, of course, is just like two rounds of the car and four-wheel vehicles, most of the wagon speed is faster than the 2 rounds, but 2 rounds of sometimes not necessarily loss to 4 rounds, it also depends on what period, four rounds of the technology is stable, now get back to business, by 2/4/6 motor fiber welding machine is how a principle: an optical fiber welding machine, 2 motor it is two optical fibers by optical microscopy software program control to promote together, and then directly discharge welding, this process is an alignment accuracy. 2, 4 motor fiber welding machine is the first step: advancing together with two optical fibers; The second step: to the optical fiber cladding aim for the datum plane move adjusted by fan, put some welding; About this process on the basis of 2 motor more or move up and down adjustment to increase the alignment precision. 3, 6, the motor fiber welding machine: the first step to promote two optical fibers; Step 2: identify fiber focus on fiber to fiber core alignment; Step 3: mobile adjust alignment; This process adds a focused on the identification of optical fiber core, the benefits are 6 motors based on optical fiber in the fiber core hole datum plane alignment precision is higher. Above all in theory the motor for the optical fiber welding machine precision is higher, but the process precision of each manufacturer stability still have differences, the most stable or 4 motor fiber welding machine, because the 6 motor technology has not is stable; At the same time there are more 6 motor welding machine; Note: need a lot of customers don't know much about the market at present, we think 6 good motor machines, manufacturer to naturally, enlarged multiple optical microscope, let the customer to the naked eye can see the fiber core, actually otherwise, the fiber core can't identify nor reach the fiber core alignment process; On behalf of all optical fiber welding machine is good or bad is not a few motor, but the loss value.
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