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6800? Six Motor Fiber Optic Splicing Machine


As we all know, splicing machine is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of optical cable in optical communication. The general working principle is to fuse two optical fiber sections by high-voltage arc, and then use high-precision motion mechanism to gently push the two optical fibers into one, so as to realize the coupling of optical fiber mode field.

It is designed for the connection of quartz glass optical fiber. It is a high precision instrument. Therefore, it has strong specificity and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Optical fiber splicing machine is mainly used in the construction, maintenance, emergency repair, production and testing of optical fiber devices and research teaching in scientific research institutes of the optical cable line project of major operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions.

It can be seen from the above,splicing machine specificity, expensive raw materials, the sale of expensive, then the latest technology of six motors is more expensive.


The six motor optical fiber splicing machine is equipped with the precision six motor alignment system including the splicing motor, specially designed optical lens and software algorithm, which can accurately identify the type of optical fiber and automatically select the matching splicing mode for splicing to ensure the quality of splicing. High technical content, in addition to the optical fiber into the home, but also can be used in the main fiber splicing.

The above popularized so much splicing machine knowledge, then 6800 and six motor fiber splicing machine what is relationship? Or to be more accurate is the relationship with the TUMTEC six motor fiber fusion splicer.

Human society in the second industrial revolution into the electrical age, it is closely related to our lives. To put it mildly, without electricity, many things would be paralyzed. 

For example, if your computer or cell phone is out of power, in a desolate place, it is a piece of iron that is useless to you or anyone else.

Therefore, for the choice of fusion splicer such as the need for regular work out of the mechanical products, electricity for our users is also an important consideration. The standard battery of the Tumtec fiber splicing machine has super endurance, 6800 super capacity, and you don't worry about the power after a day's work.

Tumtec six motor optical fiber splicing machine, V9 and V9mini two models, the difference is that the V9mini panel will be smaller than V9, performance is the same with the focus motor precision six motor alignment system, 3 seconds boot, 6 seconds splicing, 15 seconds heating of the rapid work efficiency.


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