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Tumtec fiber fusion machine features!


Tumtec Fiber Fusion Machine

Without further ado, let's start with a wave.

16S 动图-1-1确认.gif
16H 动图.gif

Is there any "heartbeat" after watching the GIF?

It doesn't matter yet, let's keep reading...

Small make up that we tengyou optical fiber welding machine in addition to cost-effective, low loss, multi-functional protection, comparable to the performance of imported welding machine...... And so on

There are more details benefits, a product can do details and strict requirements, this is a point worthy of customer trust

For people with a high level of appearance, the product is more attractive to the first eye, and the second thing is to choose performance products that meet their own requirements

And Tengyou series of optical fiber fusion machine is the appearance level and performance at the same time online, appearance level high performance

Well, needless to say, before we are mostly to see the above product view chart

Below we will focus on the product close-up, find the beauty of detail

The rubber base enhances the friction of the base, so that no operation table or scene will slip.


Omni-directional soft glue surrounds the fuselage for stronger anti-fall effect.


USB2.0 charging port, can charge mobile phone, long-term work out without worry.


Pressing to remove the battery makes it easier.

Multi-function windproof cover, no fear of bad environment.


Compact V-slot for more accurate fiber placement.


Zoom in hundreds of times to see the metal body, gloss and touch to show advanced sense, a variety of color options.

In today's society, when technology and performance are comparable, most people are more detail-oriented.

If you are also a detail control, then believe that fujiyou series optical fiber fusion machine is your best choice.

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