Any Tumtec offices in other countries?
Foshan Tumtec Communication Tech. Co., Ltd plans to construct several divisions / offices in overseas countries, depending upon the company growth and the market need. We take active part in various displays and seminars. This is a means to stay in contact with you personally and the entire world. The building of branches/ offices is a method to be closer to you.

Tumtec is a well-known national high-tech manufacturer of fiber cleaver. Various in styles, Tumtec's fiber optic splicing machine can meet the needs of different customers. The materials for Tumtec best fiber cleaver are industrial standard and are procured from trusted vendors of the market. The product comes with water, moisture and frost resistance. Thanks to its fully advanced operation system, the product effectively cuts down the labor costs as there are fewer workers involved. The product is optimized for use under severe weather conditions.

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