Cable should follow the principle of welding

by:Tumtec      2020-06-30
Cable once order, the basic purpose of optical fiber transmission loss but also determined that the loss of fiber of welding joint is related to fiber itself and site construction. Efforts to reduce the loss of fiber of welding joint, can increase the fiber optic repeater amplification and transmission distance attenuation of optical fiber link margin. Optical fiber is a meticulous work, especially in the preparation, welding, pan fiber end face, asked the operator careful consideration, standardized operation, improve practical operation skills, to reduce the loss of connection, comprehensively improve the quality of optical fiber. When welding should follow the principle of fiber optic cable at the same time, some phase with corresponding color fiber inside the tube; Some are not at the same time, in order to weld again big some little some, common optical cable are gysts, skeleton and central tube bundle fiber optic cable, fiber core color sequence is divided into blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink, blue. Multicore cable put different color fiber in the same bundle as a set of, such a cable inside may have several bundles. Is the fiber cross section, the red tube as the first bundle of fiber optic cable, in clockwise order green, white white white 1, 2, 3, etc. Should be removed before stripping cable construction damage deformation of the part, and then stripping length is 1 ~ 1. 3 m's outer sheath, the cable on the strengthening and casing clean oil after fixed in the box. For gysts optical cable line method, general use ring cutter cut the cable outer sheath, cut two each section 50 cm, respectively, and then pull out outer sheath. For central tube type cable, the cable tail. 1. 2 m place ring cut a knife, and again at about 20 cm from here again cut a knife, and stripped off this 20 cm long, sheathed, shearing strengthening steel wire, leave two root is a bit long for fixed, and then cut center tube casing, the optical fiber directly out from the cable. When stripped the casing of the fiber to make the sleeve length enough into fiber disc, and have some room to slide, makes flipping fiber disc when not on the casing of fiber damage. Cable strengthening general for steel strand and thick wire, tube around on both sides of steel strand is located in the cable or optical cable, gysts cable wire cable. Cable in connection box fixed general is given priority to with fixed wire, but the fastening cable outer sheath is also very important, should use self-adhesive cloth good clamp, cable cannot turn. If cable outer sheath fixed in mind, not in the spooler will cause cable rotating shift, make the connection box inside a Duan Song from fiber to fiber disc produces spiral curved around the casing, serious when still can be involved in capacity optical fiber plate. Optical fiber welding process is vital for splicing loss, when optical fiber into the weld welding machine to press the button, will automatically to the fiber, adjustment, cleaning, welding, so for the additional impact of splicing loss environment mainly in the welding process, the preparation of fiber cross section, the adjustment of welding parameters and selection and the state of the welding machine. The preparation of fiber cross section: to optical fiber coating layer stripping, repeated use absorbent cotton to anhydrous alcohol wipe fiber, and then cut fiber, finally into the welding machine for welding. Preparation of optical fiber cannot be placed in the air for too long, so as to avoid touchs dirt or face bruised. If the optical fiber in air exposure time is too long, optical fiber stained with dust too dirty, should be to cut fiber, in order to reduce the pollution of welding machinery, ensure welding success rate.
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