Clean fiber welding mechanical and electrical

by:Tumtec      2020-05-11
Clean the fiber optical welding (welding electrical pole mechanical and electrical pole surface for long time use attach to impurities, affect the discharge effect, so the need for regular cleaning electrode. Specific operation is as follows: ( 1) Long press optical fiber welding electrical source ', 'shutdown, power light. ( 2) With fine cotton swabs dipped with alcohol gently wipe the tip of the electrode, as shown in figure 3 - 2. ( 3) Press the power button '' open welding machine, the power indicator. ( 4) In the optical fiber welding machine' Equipment maintenance. Select' Clean the electrode 】 。 ( 5) Press the start key ', 'optical fiber welding machine automatic discharge, 5 times the impurity on the surface of the electrode with large discharge current gasification, to achieve the effect of stable discharge current, cleaning electrode. Note: in the process of cleaning electrode, don't touch the tip of the electrode with good thing, to avoid damage to the electrode, influence fiber welding machine welding effect.
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