Colorful optical fiber cutting knife welding machine maintenance ( Graphic) !

by:Tumtec      2020-04-11
Colorful optical fiber cutting knife welding machine maintenance ( Graphic) ! 4. 1 the adjustment of the cutting blade optical fiber optical fiber cutting knife blade welding machine for circular, general circle is divided into 12 or 16 position ( With digital scale division) , every position represents a blade surface. When a blade surface after cutting effect becomes poor, will need to be transferred to the next face. Blade rotation, all of the blade surface after use, can improve the blade height appropriately, continue to use a circle ( Height adjustment operation more difficult, it is suggested that done by professional maintenance engineers, blade can rise up to twice commonly use) 。 Adjust the cutting knife need to prepare tools: outside hexagonal wrench a ( Cutting knife with) Adjustment method of the blade mouth to adjust steps: 1) The blade fixed screw with hex wrench unscrew; 2) With the hand holding the knife will rotate counterclockwise 1 to 2 points. Pay attention to the hand do not touch the blade edges, easy to cut and damage the blade; 3) The blade is fixed screw with hex wrench. The height adjustment for the blade when cutting knife cut constantly often happen, Adjust the blade is invalid) When you can adjust the blade height. Adjust steps: 1) With the fixed screw, hexagon wrench unscrew the rest 2 star. See below: 2) Put a piece of bare fiber on fibre channel, the optical fiber pressure. Adjust the blade could just touch fiber as the standard. See below: 3) Adjustment need two screws to adjust, if need to increase the blade, first turn the screws loosen a bit, then raise the screw; Down the two screw operation instead. Pay attention to every time to raise or lower each operation shoulds not be too big operation. See below: 4) Stop to adjust height when the blade could just touch fiber. The height is adjustable. Try 2 times, will rest after confirmation can be cut set screw ( 2) Tighten the can. 4. 2 pressure off the adjustment method of fiber when cutting knife appear repeatedly broken fiber can consider is the height of the fiber channel and the rubber gasket ( Black) Don't agree. Adjust steps: 1) Put a piece of bare fiber on fibre channel, observe the difference in height between the fiber and black rubber gasket. Normal download fiber and rubber gasket highly consistent. If the height difference is too large will be broken fiber. 2) Judgment after good height can be observed near the first load of fibre channel rubber pad with and without defects, sag, and so on and so forth. If there is need to replace the rubber gasket, if there is no need to adjust the fiber channel. 3) If close to fibre channel ( On the left) Have sunken or defect, rubber pad can be temporary change, see below, about intermodulation ( Switch will have four screw down again after tight) 。 4) Adjust the fibre channel generally considered load fibre channel is not fixed or fibre channel deformation will first load of fibre channel set screws, fixed again, try to cut. If the fiber was broken will screw, observation have fibre channel without deformation ( To both ends of tilted slightly) , if have the pull is forcibly with the hand, fixed screw again. Pay more attention to information, Germany colorful optical fiber welding machine's official website.
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