Common problem analysis (optical fiber welding machine maintenance Maintenance)

by:Tumtec      2020-05-09
Common problem analysis (optical fiber welding machine maintenance Maintenance) Germany international marketing center is colorful welding machine sales and maintenance in a body, has a very professional maintenance team! Various brands can repair welding machine. The national multiple pits, the nearest maintenance; Contact manager wang: 15122692369 a carnot heat sealing machine, di wei's DVP, Kuala Lumpur, 41, cane warehouse sumitomo welding machine, welding machine, the black welding machine can weld repair fiber such as machine maintenance in tianjin optical fiber welding machine maintenance contacts: manager wang: 15122692369 contact: tianjin fiber which can repair welding machine manager wang: 15122692369 on fiber in check before welding machine welding machine small problems begin to 1, 2 V groove is clean, good pressure regulator is 3, the mirror is a good change for 4, whether to need to replace aging electrode 5, correction, do discharge electrodes have good stability 6, observe the range of V groove, if the difference is too big, there may be a optical fiber welding mechanical and electrical machine fault, will crack, V groove type. 7, watching two frames can range in advance, if the range is small, it is necessary to remove the original motor position correction. 8, check whether the hall switch function, which can lead to red light is not bright or flashing. 9, optical fiber heating furnace of welding machine failure can lead to a menu can't go in, but at the same time, press and hold to enter, skip the boot self-inspection. V groove adjustment position 1, if not, by adjusting the motor to restore the original position. If the offset is too big, the need to replace the V groove. 2, V groove if it is hard to clean dirt, can use a knife blow gently, but should pay attention to. 3, optical fiber welding machine V groove clearance, need to replace 1 V groove CCD board adjust fault, dust detection by 2, fiber optic beyond visual range 3, 4, in the optical fiber welding machine in the left discharge saw an obvious black dot on the screen, Blow away the ball with a blow) Adjust camera fault: 1, the part of the focus of the optical fiber can't see the clear part 2, loose camera 3, 4 screen fuzzy scratches or black spots, the X or Y field, optical fiber migration from a big Angle on both sides of the pillars, adjust 5, mirror surface has crack, replace the camera, the camera can't focus 6, when the lens set loose, if there is no loose, the adjustment focus the initial position of the machine. 7, optical fiber welding machine screen have water mark, open the lens should be cleaned up after the mainboard failure 1, green boot screen, there is no reset. 2, the boot screen, without reset. 3, a few minutes after the crash crashed. 4, can't start ( The fuse) 5, no discharge ( Can also be encapsulated or high voltage electrode failure) 6, a road cable can't supply ( No video camera, no red light, heating power, not shown on the screen, but there are reset) Failure 1, optical fiber heating furnace heating furnace of welding machine starts so the disabled, after a period of 2 furnace failure report 3, heating effect is poor 4, heating lamp brightness, but 5 without heating, heating furnace heating furnace protection layer falls off, heating metal aging 6, heating core is short circuit, or thin 7, optical fiber welding machine can't stop heating (heating furnace Heating may be not good) Charging battery failure 1, no electricity, but there are voltage 2, a charging will soon be full, there is no electricity ( Discharge calibration) 3, optical fiber welding machine battery voltage, charging no input power 4, voltage too high 5, low voltage display failure 1, display, or lateral 2 along a straight line, optical fiber welding machine welding machine can normal melting, but does not display screen
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