Compared with the cold shut, optical fiber welding will be better?

by:Tumtec      2020-07-22
Optical fiber transmission, transmission bandwidth, communications, large capacity, low loss, is not subject to electromagnetic interference, fiber optic cable diameter is small, light weight, the advantages of rich raw material sources, so it is widely used in the transmission medium. In the communication engineering of now, the staff will usually use two kinds of works, one is the optical fiber fusion; The second is optical fiber cold shut. So what kind of way is the way we communication optimization? Fiber fusion welding is the use of optical fiber welding machine will be optical fiber welding two optical fibers. This is a meticulous work, particularly in preparation, welding, pan fiber end face, asked the operator observe carefully, careful consideration, operation specification; In the work, must cultivate careful meticulous of work style, improve practical operation skills, reduce the loss of welding, comprehensively improve the quality of optical fiber. Qualified optical fiber end face is the necessary condition of weld end face quality stand or fall will directly affect the quality of welding. Welding steps: 1, the optical fiber strip cladding requires flat, the optical fiber with the peel fiber pliers to steady, strip off faster. 2, bare fiber cleaning observation fiber stripping part whether the coating layer of all stripped, if there is residual, need to strip. If there are some not easy peeling coating layer, can use cotton cloth and alcohol wipe, wipe, should be wiped along the fiber axial, not return to do reciprocating movement. 3, bare fiber cutting bare fiber cutting is the most critical link in optical fiber end surface preparation. In this section, select the precision, excellent optical fiber cutting knife is most important, and rigorous, scientific, and professional practice is guaranteed. 4, optical fiber splicing bare fiber cleaning, cutting and welding time should connect, an interval is too long, especially the preparation has good face, do not put in the air for too long. Moves to should take put down gently, prevent the brush with other objects. Optical fiber welding equipment selection, should according to the requirement of the fiber optic cable engineering, suitable welding machine equipped with battery capacity and precision. Optical fiber cold joint used for fiber butt fiber or fiber, optical fiber tail docking, this is equivalent to do joint ( Fiber tail docking fiber refers to dock with the tail fiber in the fiber core optical fiber instead of the former said tail fiber head) For this kind of thing called optical cold subgroups. Optical fiber cold subgroups is used when two tail fiber docking, it is a major part of the internal a precision of v groove, after two tail fiber dial fiber using cold subgroups to achieve docking two tail fiber. Operation more simply and quickly, than with welding machine welding save time. Cold meet generally has two forms: the first kind of linker rapidly into the field; The second kind of optical fiber butt cold subgroups. Optical fiber cold take steps are as follows: (1) the first installation cold subgroups, two had ring buckle, card under the middle card slot; (2) fiber, about 3 cm long, with alcohol cleansing; (3) into the cutting knife, cut about 1. 4厘米; (4) insert the subgroups, cold end, another optical fibers, about 3 cm; (5) with alcohol cotton mop wipe, into the cutting knife, the cutting length is about 1. 4 cm, inserted cold subgroups, the other end; At this point, we should pay attention to: naked at the ends of the fiber in the intermediate position of the cold subgroups, card into the card, push tight two had ring, then test, to make success. The difference between cold joint and welding welding need to use the welding machine, optical fiber cutting knife. Will pick up two optical fibers, do not need other auxiliary materials. Advantage: stable quality and low in consumption, About 0. 3 to 0. 05) 。 Weakness: the equipment cost is higher, the storage capacity is limited, fieldwork restricted. Cold don't need too much equipment, optical fiber cutting knife, but each contact needs a quick connector. Advantages: easy operation, suitable for field operation. Weakness: the loss is big, about 0. 1 to 0. 2 db each point. Light in optical fiber transmission loss can be created, mainly by optical fiber transmission loss and loss of fiber of welding joint. People work for fiber connection, communication standard is to weld losses to a minimum. Cold relative to the optical fiber, optical fiber splicing loss value will be lower. Cable once order, the basic purpose of optical fiber transmission loss but also determined that the loss of optical fiber of weld joint, and the fiber itself on other factors and site construction. Efforts to reduce the loss of fiber of welding joint, can increase the fiber optic repeater amplification and transmission distance attenuation of optical fiber link margin. So, reduce the loss of optical fiber fusion, in the practical operation skills at the same time, ensure operators choose high quality optical fiber welding machine is also a necessary factor.
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