Daily maintenance methods of optical fiber welding machine

by:Tumtec      2020-07-02
With the development of the communications industry, the optical fiber household has given rise to a group of fused fiber construction group; Everyday, in the construction of the all kinds of equipment in various harsh environment to stop construction, the maintenance of equipment and the remaining is all the more important; Optical fiber welding machine is the equipment in the center. Should attach great importance to the daily maintenance of optical fiber welding machine and die. Ordinary optical fiber welding machine by the electrodes, batteries, optical camera, probes, V groove of a few big local. In a different environment tend to happen a lot of dust in the construction process, and cause bad discharge and present noise and optical fiber image rendering. Formation of alignment can deviate from the normal sight. Has a great influence on the function of the equipment. Make daily for optical fiber welding machine maintenance care is more important! Cleaning: ( 1) Clean the electrode turn wind cover, will take off with sandpaper electrode carefully wipe the tip of the electrode. ( 2) Probe inside, windproof cap inside and fixture outside dust and other sundry removed with suction ear ball. With cotton swabs dipped in excess alcohol clean mirrors, pressure of civic and inside of the fixture, etc. ( 3) Clean the probe with cotton swabs with clean. ( 4) The cleanness of V groove ordinary cut the tip of the swab inclined to clean. Then use suction ears ball for liquidation. Maintenance: ( 1) Electrodes to change the first boot into the maintenance menu, select 'change electrode item', according to the prompt of the process. First press shutdown confirm enclosed equipment, remove the old electrode and the open after the new motor installed equipment. ( 2) Electrode fluctuations in peacekeeping menu 'wave electrode' stop empty discharge 5 times and 20 times welding operation. ( 3) Calibration electrode up into the menu, select 'equipment maintenance - Discharge correction '. Today's optical fiber welding machine is a automatic calibration, after the operating instructions. ( 4) Correction discharge up to enter correction 'discharge', follow the instructions equipment repeat stop melting operation. Until the prompt to complete optical fiber welding machine. ( 5) Adjust the focus into 'focus adjustment'. Welding time automatic adjustment. Is completed after the completion of the whole maintenance process.
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