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[Dry Goods] how to avoid electrode rod after fusion black?


Will the electrode rod turn black after welding?

The electrode rod will turn black after being fused for a period of time. What is the relationship between the quality of the electrode rod and the welding effect?

Cause of electrode blackening by oxidation

Electrode placement: dust, water molecules, and oxygen floating on the tip of the electrode will form black oxide and adhere to the tip of the electrode in the high-temperature reaction formed by the discharge of the electrode under high pressure.

Optical fiber cleaning: optical fiber through the cutting of optical fiber cutter, will produce a lot of broken quartz particles; In the case of high temperature and high pressure discharges, the quartz ions will melt and stick to the electrode rod, which has a white attachment -- molten silicon dioxide (the same ingredient as fiber and glass, but with more impurities).

Air oxidation: electrode rod is a kind of tungsten steel products, exposed in the air, under the action of water molecules and oxygen, will slowly produce a black oxide layer.

Oxidation hazard of electrode rod

The electrode rod is used for conducting electricity and discharging electricity. When the electrode oxide is too much, the FBT of the welding machine needs to provide a larger workload to ensure the normal discharge of the electrode. When the FBT is under a long time of high-load operation, the probability of failure of the welding machine will increase.

When carbon oxide is accumulated too much, the electrode will discharge unsteadily, discharge to the electrode base and puncture the electrode base.

The electrode rod cannot discharge continuously and stably, which will cause the welding decay loss to be too large.

How to reduce electrode oxidation

Reduce welding in dusty environment;

Keep electrode rod clean;

Equipped with fiber optic cutter with good performance;

Choose the original genuine electrode rod;

Daily cleaning of electrode rod

Daily cleaning includes cleaning V groove and two parts of the objective lens.

Operation steps of cleaning v-groove:

1. Clean the bottom of v-shaped groove with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol;

2, with a thin dry cotton swab, absorb the residual alcohol in the v-shaped tank;

3. Use the end of a cut optical fiber to remove dirt in the v-shaped groove.

Operation steps of cleaning objective lens:

1. Clean the surface of the objective lens with a thin cotton swab dipped in alcohol;

2. Use a thin dry cotton swab to absorb the residual alcohol on the surface of the objective lens;

Steps of electrode rod replacement

When the discharge times exceed the electrode life, the discharge will become unstable and the welding loss will increase. Therefore, when the optical fiber welding machine prompts to replace the electrode rod, please replace the electrode rod as required to ensure the performance of the welding machine.

1. If the electrode rod needs to be replaced, please press [replace electrode] in [electrode setting] or directly close the welding mechanical and electrical source for replacement.

2. Take out the old electrode, loosen the screw fixed on the electrode cover and take out the old electrode rod.

3. Be careful not to pull out the wiring when replacing the electrode rod.

4. Clean the new electrode rod with clean gauze or clean cloth dipped in alcohol, then install it into the welding machine, put the electrode cover back into the welding machine, and tighten the screw.

5. It is strongly recommended to make stable electrode and discharge correction after the electrode is replaced, otherwise, better welding loss and welding strength cannot be guaranteed.


Notes for electrode rod replacement

1) do not touch the electrode tip during the replacement process to prevent damage;

2) avoid the electrode falling into the machine;

3) the electrodes must be replaced in pairs and cleaned regularly;

4) power must be turned off before replacement.

4. Carry out arc position calibration after replacement.

Tip: the welding machine is a precision instrument that needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly during use to ensure the best performance.

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