Q:How do you ship your goods?
A:Air Transport
Q:What warranty you can give me?
A:With 10 technicians R&D team, strong technical force, while the machine has a three-year warranty, efficient professional and complete after-sales team 24 hours, ready to answer your questions.
Q:What models and specifications do you have for your fibre optic splicing machine products?
A:Tumtec brand high-performance optical fiber fusing machine, a number of models and specifications fully cover the long-distance trunk six motor optical fiber fusing machine V9+, V9Mini, trunk core alignment optical fiber fusing machine FST-83A, FTTH special optical fiber fusing machine FST-18S, FST-18M and FST-18H.
Q:Are you a 100% manufacturer for Optical Fiber Fusion Machine?
A:Yes, from the research and development of optical fiber fusion machine to production, Tumtec has always been involved in tracking.
Q:What are the advantages of your fibre optic fusing machines compared with other brands?
A:Compared with other brands, Tumtec Fiber Fusion Machine has higher performance, more stable performance, less welding loss, fast running speed, 3 seconds start, 6 seconds fuse, 15 seconds heat.
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