Fiber connection you can opt to cold or welding welding machine? The better!

by:Tumtec      2020-05-20
Fiber connection you can opt to cold or welding welding machine? The better! Optical fiber in the most current application is divided into welding with the cold. Cold shut, with construction is rapid, simple operation, etc. At the same time, there are need two fiber preparation at the scene, the construction intensity; In place of performance relies entirely on matching liquid; Coating layer binding put less than shortcomings, such as the scene of the household requirements. Welding, optical fiber under the protection of the tail sheath fixed won't bend, in place of good performance, high stability, long service life, etc. At the same time practice to have relatively; Easy broken fiber connector plug process; After test weld connector tail fiber stripping, good cutting scrap, use the high cost; When the connection is not successful, can not be reused, etc. Recently, the enterprise to improve cold subgroups, packaging technology, the door cable with skin yellow line tail fiber or cable tail fiber in the factory after encapsulation, field use, only need to live door skin line cable stripping, preparation, in place of operation only need 10 seconds, applied for ascension, but also to continue the optical detection quality, convenient debugging. Through the tail fiber grinding guarantee in quality, reduced the dependence on matching liquid; Easier to cable of high strength fixed; Through the long fiber through cleaning, can be used repeatedly and other performance improvements. Therefore, the industry produces some controversy, cold fiber connection is better, or optical fiber fusion welding machine is better, so, according to own understanding or experience, you think fiber connection weld cold joint, which is better?
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