Fiber fusion and pan fiber technique

by:Tumtec      2020-07-14
As the saying goes, 'all fighting skill only fast break'. For our optical communication industry, the optical fiber welding machine repair electrical wiring circuit, is the pursuit of fast and steady and solve the problem. Optical fiber welding work, is particularly high to the requirement of professional, technical, so when the operator work, careful observation, careful consideration, specification. Especially in preparation, welding, and pan fiber optical fiber end face, careful meticulous, in accordance with the requirements of the technical standard, the optical fiber welding successfully, and beautiful, reliable and stable. So under the condition of the guarantee that the work attitude, how to improve the efficiency of the optical fiber welding rapid for optical fiber welding? First under fully ready to optical fiber splicing preparatory work, according to the preparation of end face, optical fiber splicing, pan fiber finishing, quality inspection, four steps one by one. Here are steps to break down. A, optical fiber splicing to prepare fully optical fiber welding before, to prepare the necessary operating equipment, tools and materials required are: optical fiber, peel fiber pliers, cutting knife, alcohol, cotton, heat shrinkable tube, optical fiber welding machine, etc. In guarantee welding electrical source is sufficient and complete a variety of materials such as cases, optical fiber outer sheath, the need for welding wire and so on according to the need to remove pan long degree, and find out the need to weld the corresponding optical fiber. Second, the preparation of the fiber end face qualified optical fiber end face is the necessary condition of weld end face quality stand or fall will directly affect the quality of welding. End of the optical fiber preparation including peeling, clean and cut the three links. 1, optical fiber strip cladding fiber strip cladding strip optical fiber coating layer, operation flat, stable, fast, master the skills. 'Flat', which requires the optical fiber to be flat. With his left hand thumb and index finger pinched fiber, make it into a horizontal, about 5 cm length, the rest of the optical fiber used the ring finger, little between natural bending, in order to increase strength, avoid skidding operation. 'Stability', the requirement for the fiber pliers to hold firm, it is prohibited to tremble, shaking. Or you will make the fiber core loss, poor sealing effect. 'Fast' to peel fiber. Peel fiber pliers and optical fiber in vertical state, in the direction of tilt Angle. Left hand optical fiber, the right hand gently with jaw stuck optical fiber, then hard, out along the fiber axial outside, the whole process to natural, coherent whole, cocker spaniels stagnant pause. 2, bare fiber clean first observe whether fiber strip of coating layer is all stripped, if there is residual, need to strip. If there are some not easy peeling coating layer, can use cotton cloth and alcohol wipe, wipe, should be wiped along the fiber axial, not return to do reciprocating movement. Note: wipe cloth to change in time, every time using different parts of the cotton and level, it can improve the utilization rate of cotton, also can prevent the pollution naked fine again. 3, bare fiber cutting bare fiber cutting is the most critical link in optical fiber end surface preparation. In this section, select the precision, excellent optical fiber cutting knife is most important, and rigorous, scientific, and professional practice is guaranteed. Cutter, which has two kinds of manual and electric. When choosing cutter, choose the general operators manual cutter, fast optical fiber or emergency rescue. Carefully clean before cutting knife knife and adjust the position of the blade and knife to put smoothly; When cutting, smooth movements are natural, no hurry not slow, avoid fiber breakage, and bevel, burr and cracks, and other end of the bad, guarantee the quality of cutting. At the same time, to watch the end surface pollution. Heat shrinkable casing should be through before strip cladding, is strictly prohibited in the end through after preparation. Bare fiber cleaning, cutting and welding time should connect, an interval is too long, especially the preparation has good face, do not put in the air for too long. Moves to should take put down gently, prevent the brush with other objects. Three, the welding of the fiber optical fiber welding equipment selection, should according to the requirement of the fiber optic cable engineering, suitable welding machine equipped with battery capacity and precision. Optical fiber welding machine belongs to high technology, high precision equipment. Therefore, choice of optical fiber welding confidential excellent performance, high welding quality, stable running, and is equipped with dust-proof antifreeze moistureproof and shockproof function such as wind cap, large capacity battery, suitable for all kinds of fiber cable engineering requirements of welding machine. For optical fiber and the performance characteristics of welding machine and the operation, should be familiar with and proficient, not a little knowledge. Before welding, according to the types of materials and optical fiber on the welding machine set up optimal premelting main welding current and time and key parameters, such as optical fiber into the amount. And 'V' shaped groove, electrode, welding chamber, such as cleaning, avoid fiber core stick on sundry. Welding process, welding mode has manual and automatic mode, manual mode can observe welding in the presence of air bubbles, carefully, too thick, virtual melting, separation and face whether level etc. Bad phenomenon, the operator can pay attention to the OTDR test instrument tracking monitoring results, analysis of causes of the bad phenomena in time, and take the corresponding improvement measures. Automatic mode can convenient optical fiber welding, only clear protective cover on fiber rear cover in place, the click start welding can be performed. Cut in front of the optical fiber. 00 _01_33_02. Still 001. JPG after welding, to ensure the success of the optical fiber fusion and a good situation, push the thermal shrinkage sleeve to protect the contact melting of optical fiber, placed in the heating tank heating, is completed and properly disposed save good, clean up a little bit about the scene, fiber optic disc fiber. Four, pan fiber sorting fiber optic disc fiber is also a professional stronger technology, because the scientific method of pan fiber can not only avoid the broken fiber caused by extrusion, make the fiber layout is reasonable, additional loss is small, can withstand the test of time and the bad environment, but also to check later maintenance. Pan fiber steps: 1, according to the order on both sides of pan fiber after middle first, namely first place after heat shrinkable sleeve individually in a fixed slot, and then processing on both sides of the fiber. 2, from one end of the plate fiber, fixed heat shrinkable tube, and then deal with more than the other side of the fiber. 3, other special case processing, such as individual fiber is too long or too short, can put it in the end, a coiled alone; With special optical devices, it can be another plate processing, if the plate with ordinary optical fiber, light should be above normal fiber, add a cushion between, in order to prevent the broken fiber extrusion, and special optical device tail fiber is too long. 4, according to the actual situation, USES the many kinds of graphics pan fiber. According to more than the length of the fiber and the room size, conveniently natural coiling, don't be inconvenient, should be used flexibly round, oval, and '~' form a variety of graphics pan fiber ( Note 4 cm or higher) R As much as possible, make the best use of the reserved space and effectively reduce the additional loss due to pan fiber. Five, the fiber connection quality checks in the whole process of welding, the instrument by OTDR to enhance monitoring, not only by the naked eye to judge good or bad: ( 1) For each core optical fiber in the process of welding for real-time monitoring, checks on the quality of each melt contact; ( 2) After each pan fiber, to check the pan fiber, pan fiber with additional loss; ( 3) Sealed in the box before to unified determination of all optical fiber, to find out any missing and fiber reserved space for optical fiber and the joint presence of extrusion; ( 4) After sealing box, for the monitoring of all optical fiber, to see if seal box of fiber damage. Small make up think, optical fiber welding quality of work is mainly composed of two decisive factors, is a professional operators is high precision instruments and equipment - — Optical fiber welding machine, optical fiber cutting knife. In the process of operation, the user professional, skilled, careful, can largely avoid fiber damage; Excellent cutting and welding equipment, make the fiber cutting surface level, so as to make the optical fiber welding quality is good. At the same time, also can make a powerful booster of optical fiber welding work quickly.
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