Fiber leather line cable loss what are the internal causes of welding technology

by:Tumtec      2020-04-27
Fiber leather line cable loss what are the internal causes of welding technology. As everybody knows, the advantage of optical fiber transmission signal clearly, now the school community institutions are already connected to the optical fiber communication as the most popular transmission medium, there are also some shortcomings, that is welding cost is very high, and optical fiber cable welding technical requirement is high, the operating personnel need to master a lot of theory knowledge, at the same time also need professional cable welding machine. But in the actual execution of optical fiber cable welding technology, there will be a loss situation, the causes of this are many, many experts put these factors are collated, divided into different categories, one is called intrinsic factor, from the name, refers to the factors caused by optical fiber itself, also can saying is internal cause, such as optical fiber core line has a problem, especially the interface or the concentricity is not consistent, etc. , or a mismatch is the case, in addition, there are problems of mode field diameter, etc. , which can cause damage, if there is such a situation would require the change of optical fiber. But the least influence of these factors is the mode field diameter, so we looked at a lot of fiber optic cable welding technical instructions, the index will have a proper range. Within the scope of the almost won't affect. In addition is used in cable welding welding machine quality and operational problems, this is the external factor, of course
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