Fiber - welding machine maintenance Clean paper

by:Tumtec      2020-05-09
Fiber - welding machine maintenance Clean paper fiber - welding machine maintenance Clean in order to keep good welding quality and needs regular cleaning and checking optical fiber welding machine, especially after each use, we recommend that you will be optical fiber welding machine to after-sales check once a year. With a clean cotton swab to wipe each part, please remember, daily clean and maintain the performance of the optical fiber welding machine; This paper consists of the following parts: 1. Wash the V slot 2. Clean bare fiber mat. Clean microscope ( Objective) 4. Cleaning heat shrinkable furnace 5. Clean fiber scaffolds clear before we start, please don't close the optical fiber welding machine. Please refer to the related welding units as shown in the figure below: 1. Cleaning V groove V groove on the tiny dust and dirt are likely to lead to the position deviation of the fiber, in order to avoid this kind of migration, carefully use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to clean the V groove. 2:1: prepare with alcohol cotton sideways to wipe V groove, the follow the V groove to wipe again. 2. Clean bare fiber mat bare fiber mat dirt can lead to optical fiber migration, when optical fiber migration occurs, you should clean the fiber mat. 1: prepare alcohol wet cotton swabs. 2: clean the surface of the bare fiber mat. 3 don't overexert, clean. 3 clean microscope ( The camera) Clean microscope. Prepared with alcohol wet cotton swabs, gently wipe the microscope lens do circular motion. 4. Clean the dirt and dust easily gathered in the heating furnace, heating furnace is needed to dry cotton swabs regularly clean the heating plate. The heating plate is clean, use dry cotton. Clean heat shrinkable furnace clip with cotton swabs dipped with alcohol. Note: the thermal shrinkage furnace to remove moisture and dry cotton or alcohol. 5. Optical fiber fixture with dip in with alcohol swab to clean optical fiber fixture. After completing the above steps: attention to optical fiber welding machine in a dry place.
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