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FST-V1 |Small size; Big innovation


The daily working environment for the telecommunication workers maybe like this:


Or like this:

With optical cable in one hand, and equipment in another hand, going forward burdensome;

When faced with such a frequent working environment, they will surely dream for a concise and more convenient tool to carry with them;

The ideal efficient tool for those telecommunication engineering person will be as light as it could be, maybe like this: 

FST-V1: as light as 1.15kg, as 3 times as a cellphone in weight, and one hand can easily operate, even in high above land. 

Our classic models are like this:

With the rapid development of society and continuous advancement of science and technology, people prefer tools, which are, humanized design, efficient, precise, hand-held, convenient and compact.


Different from Tumtec classic models, FST-V1 new model has a small sized body while is designed with lots of innovation.

Efficient splicing, 13s fast heating; 

LED lights, backlit keypad, big power LED light all these important factors for efficient night work. 

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