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Fully Automatic Fiber Fusion Machine, How Much You Know ?

Tumtec owns different kinds of fusion splicer, covering long distance backbone fusion machine (core to core with six motors), trunk core to core fusion machine, and specialized fusion machine for FTTH. Tumtec has developed into the industry benchmark of fusion machine & fiber cleavers and become a well-known professional manufacturer in China.

Automatic optical fiber splicing machine is mainly used for optical communication, optical cable construction and maintenance. The main method is to melt the two optical fibers by sending an arc, and to realize the coupling of optical fiber mode field by using the collimation principle. Note: this optical fiber refers to each fiber in the optical cable. Optical fiber splicing electromechanical material is mainly used in the construction, line maintenance, emergency repair, production and testing of optical fiber devices and research teaching in research institutes of various operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions.

Automatic optical fiber fusion machine is mainly used for optical communication in the construction and maintenance of optical cable, so it is also called optical cable splicing machine. The general working principle of automatic optical fiber fusion machine is to fuse two optical fiber sections by high-voltage arc, and then use high-precision motion mechanism to gently advance the fusion of two optical fiber into one, so as to realize the coupling of optical fiber mode field. Common optical fiber fuison machine is generally refers to the single-core optical fiber splicing machine, in addition, there are specially used for splicing belt optical fiber fusion machine, welding leather cable and jumper cable skin line fusion machine, and fusion poly-maintaining fiber poly-maintaining fiber fusion machine.

According to the different alignment mode, the automatic fiber fusion machine can also be divided into two categories: cladding alignment type and fiber core alignment type. Cladding alignment type is mainly applicable to the low requirements of optical fiber into the home and other occasions, so the price is relatively low; Fiber core alignment type fiber fusion machine is equipped with precision six motor core alignment mechanism, fiber fusion electromechanical rod material, specially designed optical lens and software algorithm, which can accurately identify the type of fiber and automatically select the matching fusion mode to ensure the quality of fusion, high technical content, so the price is relatively high.

At present, the fiber optic splicing machine used by telecom operators is used for long-distance trunk lines. Generally, optical cable laying is more than 100km long.Tumtec brand has long distance trunk six motor V9+, v9mini; FTTH is mainly leather wire splicing machine, tumtec fiber splicing machine has FST-18S, FST-18H which are also a good choice.

The connection of automatic optical fiber splicing machine is an important process in optical fiber transmission system with large engineering amount and complex technical requirements. Its quality directly affects the transmission quality and reliability of optical fiber lines. It is extremely important to carry out effective methods and correct splicing procedures.

There are three kinds of splicing methods of automatic optical fiber splicing machine, such as splicing, movable connection, optical fiber splicing, electromechanical material and mechanical connection. In practical engineering, splicing method is basically adopted, because splicing method has low node loss, large reflection loss and high reliability.

If you want to know more about fiber optic welding machine, please consult us!Tumtec is one of the most complete kinds of fusion splicer manufacturer and splicing machine supplier,and has developed into the industry benchmark of fusion splicer & fiber cleavers and become a well-known professional manufacturer in China.Tumtec provides you with five exclusive services :24-hour online answer to technical, questions exclusive pre-sales consulting, in-sales training, after-sales maintenance service, three-year warranty service; all-round supporting professional service personnel to provide product consulting, product training, technical support.

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