Fitel Cleavers

by:Tumtec      2020-08-09

Simple and quick to operate, the precision diamond blade accommodates single-mode and multimode fibers up to 900 μm coating. Benefit from the 2-place adjustable cleaving rigidity. The AFC-2008 angled cleaver reduces backreflection by chopping the optical fiber at an angle. The cleaver is a rugged system with stapler-like action.

With 24 positions, the lengthy life-time blade achieves forty eight,000 fiber cleaves. The S326 cleaver can provide optical fiber cleaving for a full vary of OSP and OEM purposes. The S326A configuration comes with both the regular and enormous dimension fiber waste bin.

High Precision S326 Optical Fiber Cleaver With its ergonomic and light weight design, the S326 cleaver presents the operator the flexibility to cleave on a work bench or within the palm of their hand. The reduced lid dimension and broad opening angle facilitates fiber loading and improves stability resulting in better single and ribbon fiber cleaves. Just pressing the lever completes the fiber cleave and routinely collects the waste.

This Corning FBC-005 excessive precision fiber cleaver supplies laboratory-quality efficiency in a field cleaver. Fibers cleaved with the simple craft-pleasant unit allow for end-angles of less than zero.5º from perpendicular.

When the cleaver is closed, it clamps, tensions, and shears a fiber held in a large groove. A diamond blade slices at an angle to attain the sheared fiber, which cleaves to give an eight° endface angle, reducing backreflection to lower than -60 dB.

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