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by:Tumtec      2020-09-22

Be careful of utilizing your leap because you'll be able to simply be kited should you鈥檙e not cautious. One of the beneficial keystones for this matchup can be Phase Rush, because it鈥檒l help towards being kited and give you a lot of sticking energy to shut her down early. Minor[4/10] You have to abuse his weak point in the early sport and snowball on him before he gets one of his types. He becomes so much harder to cope with in the mid-recreation so try to shut him down before then. Suggested to go Challenging Smite with Q evolution to make sure you'll win every duel, or R evolve if you wish to snowball off of ganks while he's weak early-game.

With Titanic Hydra and Sterak鈥檚 Gage lategame he can be difficult to kill. It鈥檚 recommended to go Q evolve if you wish to stand a chance when it comes to 1v1ing him. Extreme[9/10] Can be very annoying to cope with but you possibly can change your playstyle to get have better odds towards him. You can try to get the jump on him first and use Void Assault to stop him from auto attacking you, simply be wary as he can simply dash away which leaves you vulnerable should you don't have Void Assault. Also be aware of how tanky he can become while nonetheless dealing damage with the tankiness from True Grit, Challenging Smite, Ninja Tabis or more which negate your burst.

Itemization and Evolution order is desire but Q evo will get you an extra dueling edge. He is ready to spell protect your Q, which negates a lot of damage, and he鈥檒l likely be running Lethal Tempo, which supplies him a massive quantity of early recreation dueling potential.

Even[5/10] It's a fairly easy matchup if you'll be able to use Void Assault and Leap appropriately to get out of the best way of his stun. If you can do that, you will have no downside with him so long as you don't face tank the guy and take all of his hits.

However, you need to be able to 1v1 him in a while, even if he spell shields your Q simply because you should have a high quantity of CDR. If he gets the leap on you, you will take lots of damage and die quite rapidly. Major[7/10] Playing towards Lee Sin can go either method relying on talent. If you handle to get forward of him then you definitely'll don't have any drawback dueling him.

However, if you are evenly matched or behind him it may be rough. It should be noted you could cancel his R animation if you time it correctly with your ult stealth nevertheless it's not simple to drag off constantly. This is often a skill match-up and comes down to the early-game. Minor[4/10] Just make sure you are the one to make the first move. Be careful of her ult when she might have allies nearby to bait you, however thankfully it's ineffective in a 1v1 towards you due to your own ult.

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