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by:Tumtec      2020-09-21

You ought to gain a bigger advantage as the sport progresses as Kha鈥橺ix will normally outscale. Consider taking Phase Rush to supply extra sticking energy as you could be kited in any other case when you can鈥檛 burst her.

One factor to be mindful of is the gank potential he has once he reaches stage 6. Look to ping your laners to and path in direction of volatile lanes which might be pushed up or preventing so as to arrive when Panth hits 6.

Minor[three/10] Due to her quick earlygame clear she shall be on the map a bit ahead of you and infrequently trying to make an early play so look to punish her and secure imaginative and prescient to tell your staff to allow them to react accordingly. This is a matchup where you'll be able to leap on her early and win generally so long as you combo properly.

If she鈥檚 running conqueror will probably be simpler to avoid her burst but you鈥檒l need to be conscious of her healing. Be cautious of her early gank strain and don鈥檛 let her get the bounce on you. Minor[four/10] Can be a bit difficult to duel early on until you get stage 6 as a result of his Q injury and inherit tankyness. When dueling him be sure to use your R to maneuver behind him round his E to maximize your harm output.

You ought to have a better likelihood in opposition to her with advanced Q, however earlier than that simply make sure to fight in isolation. If she鈥檚 running Hail of Blades you will get bursted so it鈥檚 recommended to not take fights until you鈥檙e ahead or she鈥檚 on CD.

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