How To Cleave Optical Fiber With Fitel's S326a

by:Tumtec      2020-08-07

2.Think twice earlier than purchasing a cleaver constructed into a splicer. If you propose to buy the constructed-in cleavers, you must examine whether the cleaver or splicer requires upkeep. It may cause inconvenience to technician if they loses priceless instruments, which can maintain up the job at hand. The scribe or manual cleaver, which is cheaper than the precision cleaver, is probably the most unique kind of fiber optic cleaver.

Scribe cleavers are normally formed like ballpoint pens with diamond tipped wedges or come in the form of tile squares. The scribe has a hard and sharp tip, generally manufactured from carbide or diamond, to scratch the fiber manually. Since the breaking process is under guide management, it's exhausting to control the force, which makes the cleaving less accurate and precise.

You place the fiber in to the specified length, close the small magnetic latch to carry the fiber in place, then shut the lid. Push the cleave button which slides the inside blade across the fiber, you hear a small click. The cleaved finish is now separate and held by one other rubber strip; you just seize it when opening the lid.

No have to snap or flick the fiber to interrupt it; the cleaver appears to do it multi function step. If you are not desirous to spend $500 or extra on a cleaver, I'd definitely give this one a go. With the introduction of the FC-6S , you now can have the ultimate precision software for single fiber cleaving.

That’s why most technicians shrink back from these low cost cleavers. I have had a hundred% success with this cleaver, although it is very inexpensive in comparison with the standard instruments. Maybe I just got lucky and received a good one , however no problems thus far. Seems to be pretty good high quality largely-metallic development as well.

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