Optical Fiber Cleaver & Fiber Optic Cleaver

by:Tumtec      2020-07-28

Body portions 210 and 220 may be pivotably coupled to one another. For example, a shaft 207 could be provided for motion of physique portion 220 relative to physique portion 210 in the direction of arrow 216 proven in Fig.

2A-2H. Device 200 is a bladeless, portable fiber cleaving system that gives suitable tension to permit cleaving via use of an abrasive material, similar to sand paper or lapping movie. Fiber cleaver 200 features a typically planar body 205 that includes first and second physique parts 210 and 220.

Purchase your cleaver from a good manufacturer or distributor.Tempting eBay and Craig’s List presents of cleavers at extremely discounted costs abound on the Internet. As with fusion splicers, there are a bunch of illegitimate knock-offs that replicate the body, look, and branding of the main producers’ cleavers.

2C. In a most popular aspect, physique 205 and elements thereof may be fashioned or molded from a polymer materials, such as a plastic, though steel and different suitably rigid materials may also be utilized. In operation, a cleaving course of using system 100 can happen as follows. With device a hundred positioned in an open position, the fiber 108 can then be positioned in the information channel 111 such that the stripped portion prolonged therefrom into information channel 122.

The user can place his or her thumb onto the indentation 112 of physique portion a hundred and ten. The body portion one hundred twenty can then be rotated about a hundred and eighty degrees right into a closed position, inserting the stripped portion of the fiber underneath a managed bending force. The person, holding the device 100 in one hand, can use the other hand to pull a portion of an abrasive film across the midpoint of the fiber arc, which is positioned at or about abrasive guide 118. With only a really modest pressure, a flaw is introduced onto the surface of the fiber and the pressure creates a fiber break suitable for subsequent subject sharpening and splicing or connectorization.

In one aspect, device a hundred could be configured such that the fiber to be cleaved can be held in place without the necessity for an additional mechanism. Body portion one hundred ten further consists of an arcuate surface 114 round which an optical fiber 108 can be bent, thereby making a bending pressure.

The bend radius of the arcuate surface 114 is preferably about the identical or greater than the minimal bend radius of the fiber to be cleaved. Optionally, one or both of portions a hundred and ten and a hundred and twenty can embody extra fiber guiding parts, similar to ridge 123 to additional hold the fiber 108 within the correct place for cleaving. In a most popular facet, information channel 111 is formed near a fringe wall of body portion 110 and has a adequate width to obtain a buffer- jacketed fiber. For example, guide channel 111 can have a width of from about 1 mm to 3 mm. In one other aspect, the first body portion can embody a first fiber channel and an indentation to receive a thumb of a person holding the cleaver.

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