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Izquierdo JM, Majos N, Bonnal S, Martinez C, Castelo R, Guigo R, Bilbao D, Valcarcel J. Regulation of Fas various splicing by antagonistic effects of TIA-1 and PTB on exon definition. Itoh M, Nagatomo K, Kubo Y, Saitoh O. Alternative splicing of RGS8 gene modifications the binding property to the M1 muscarinic receptor to confer receptor sort-particular Gq regulation. Hull J, Campino S, Rowlands K, Chan MS, Copley RR, Taylor MS, Rockett K, Elvidge G, Keating B, Knight J, Kwiatkowski D. Identification of common genetic variation that modulates different splicing. Hartmann B, Castelo R, Blanchette M, Boue S, Rio DC, Valcarcel J. Global analysis of different splicing regulation by insulin and wingless signaling in Drosophila cells.

Byun HJ, Hong IK, Kim E, Jin YJ, Jeoung DI, Hahn JH, Kim YM, Park SH, Lee H. A splice variant of CD99 will increase motility and MMP-9 expression of human breast most cancers cells by way of the AKT-, ERK-, and JNK-dependent AP-1 activation signaling pathways. Bombail V, Collins F, Brown P, Saunders PT. Modulation of ER alpha transcriptional activity by the orphan nuclear receptor ERR beta and proof for differential results of lengthy- and brief-type splice variants. Bellemare J, Rouleau M, Harvey M, Guillemette C. Modulation of the human glucuronosyltransferase UGT1A pathway by splice isoform polypeptides is mediated via protein-protein interactions. Bastos E, Avila S, Cravador A, Renaville R, Guedes-Pinto H, Castrillo JL. Identification and characterization of four splicing variants of ovine POU1F1 gene. Amiri S, Movahedin M, Mowla SJ, Hajebrahimi Z, Tavallaei M. Differential gene expression and alternative splicing of survivin following mouse sciatic nerve injury.

Gray MA, Peacock JN, Squires EJ. Characterization of the porcine constitutive androstane receptor and its splice variants. Goodson ML, Jonas BA, Privalsky ML. Alternative mRNA splicing of SMRT creates functional range by producing corepressor isoforms with totally different affinities for various nuclear receptors. Georges R, Nemer G, Morin M, Lefebvre C, Nemer M. Distinct expression and performance of alternatively spliced Tbx5 isoforms in cell growth and differentiation.

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Alternative splicing not solely happens within the coding areas of pre-mRNA, but also in the untranslated areas, summarized in Table 8. B. Alternative splicing of domains that bind to binding pockets regulates protein interactions. record changes in binding domains that alter the interaction with DNA, other proteins and defined ligands.

Dubey D, Ganesh S. Modulation of useful properties of laforin phosphatase by various splicing reveals a novel mechanism for the EPM2A gene in Lafora progressive myoclonus epilepsy. Das D, Clark TA, Schweitzer A, Yamamoto M, Marr H, Arribere J, Minovitsky S, Poliakov A, Dubchak I, Blume JE, Conboy JG. A correlation with exon expression strategy to determine cis-regulatory elements for tissue-particular various splicing. Dabertrand F, Morel JL, Sorrentino V, Mironneau J, Mironneau C, Macrez N. Modulation of calcium signalling by dominant negative splice variant of ryanodine receptor subtype 3 in native smooth muscle cells. Caldas H, Jiang Y, Holloway MP, Fangusaro J, Mahotka C, Conway EM, Altura RA. Survivin splice variants regulate the stability between proliferation and cell demise.

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