Systems Biology Of Rna Binding Proteins

by:Tumtec      2020-10-10

We have re-written this section of the Materials and strategies to provide extra explanations additionally for readers not versed in statistical modeling . We have revised the terminology, also in response to reviewer three. We are now using the terms ‘donor bond half-life’, referring to the half-lifetime of the exon-intron nucleotide certain and ‘acceptor bond half-life’, referring to the half-life of the intron-exon phosphodiester bond. We note however that the literature (including the physics literature, e.g. see the usage of decay rate) also usually uses the term price in lieu of rate constant.

We present that these interactions enable fish to mix particular person and social information to attain close to-optimum foraging effectivity and promote revenue equality within groups. The funders had no function in research design, knowledge assortment and interpretation, or the decision to submit the work for publication. We agree that the rates of single phosphodiester bonds can't be unambiguously associated to individual chemical reactions. We didn't mean to recommend so, but clearly there were misunderstandings along these lines. We have subsequently fastidiously revised each sentence related to particular person chemical reaction rates so that our claims solely relate to the phosphodiester bonds overall kinetics.

This is consistent with our reported accuracies of particular person charges, which are comparatively massive (about 2-fold). Moreover, we did not see a development between these different lessons. We therefore decided to not litter the manuscript with extra individual examples than the one in Figure 2A. We added a paragraph to the appendix (Appendix subsection “4sU incorporation”) to explain this additional.

We thank the reviewer for pointing this out, these modifications have improved the language. The particular person matches are sometimes noisy and hard to read due to the massive deviations because of rely knowledge.

We have substantially prolonged the outline of the tactic, modeling assumptions, model interpretation, and performed simulations . Again, we would wish more specific feedback if the reviewer wishes us to improve on a sure side. Without specification, we cannot further handle this concern.

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