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Li D, Jin C, Yin C, Zhang Y, Pang B, Tian L, Han W, Ma D, Wang Y. An different splice type of CMTM8 induces apoptosis. Lee AW, Champagne N, Wang X, Su XD, Goodyer C, Leblanc AC. Alternatively spliced caspase-6B isoform inhibits the activation of caspase-6A. Laguri C, Sadir R, Rueda P, Baleux F, Gans P, Arenzana-Seisdedos F, Lortat-Jacob H. The novel CXCL12gamma isoform encodes an unstructured cationic area which regulates bioactivity and interplay with both glycosaminoglycans and CXCR4.

Olson PA, Tkatch T, Hernandez-Lopez S, Ulrich S, Ilijic E, Mugnaini E, Zhang H, Bezprozvanny I, Surmeier DJ. G-protein-coupled receptor modulation of striatal CaV1.three L-kind Ca2+ channels depends on a Shank-binding area. Ohkura N, Takahashi M, Yaguchi H, Nagamura Y, Tsukada T. Coactivator-associated arginine methyltransferase 1, CARM1, affects pre-mRNA splicing in an isoform-particular method. Nagy G, Milosevic I, Fasshauer D, Muller EM, de Groot BL, Lang T, Wilson MC, Sorensen JB. Alternative splicing of SNAP-25 regulates secretion via nonconservative substitutions in the SNARE area.

Mosley JD, Keri RA. Splice variants of mIAP1 have an enhanced capability to inhibit apoptosis. Monterrat C, Boal F, Grise F, Hemar A, Lang J. Synaptotagmin 8 is expressed each as a calcium-insensitive soluble and membrane protein in neurons, neuroendocrine and endocrine cells. Miyake Y, Mizuno T, Yanagi K, Hanaoka F. Novel splicing variant of mouse Orc1 is deficient in nuclear translocation and resistant for proteasome-mediated degradation. Michelhaugh SK, Vaitkevicius H, Wang J, Bouhamdan M, Krieg AR, Walker JL, Mendiratta V, Bannon MJ. Dopamine neurons express a number of isoforms of the nuclear receptor nurr1 with diminished transcriptional exercise.

Harris GM, Dodelzon K, Gong L, Gonzalez-Alegre P, Paulson HL. Splice isoforms of the polyglutamine illness protein ataxin-three exhibit comparable enzymatic yet totally different aggregation properties. Han GS, Carman GM. Characterization of the human LPIN1-encoded phosphatidate phosphatase isoforms. Hagiyama M, Ichiyanagi N, Kimura KB, Murakami Y, Ito A. Expression of a soluble isoform of cell adhesion molecule 1 in the mind and its involvement in directional neurite outgrowth. Gray NW, Kruchten AE, Chen J, McNiven MA. A dynamin-3 spliced variant modulates the actin/cortactin-dependent morphogenesis of dendritic spines. Graveley BR. Mutually unique splicing of the insect Dscam pre-mRNA directed by competing intronic RNA secondary buildings.

Kim K, Ryu JH, Park JW, Kim MS, Chun YS. Induction of a SSAT isoform in response to hypoxia or iron deficiency and its protecting effects on cell dying. Kang HC, Chae JH, Lee YH, Park MA, Shin JH, Kim SH, Ye SK, Cho YS, Fiering S, Kim CG. Erythroid cell-particular alpha-globin gene regulation by the CP2 transcription issue family. Kabuss R, Ashikov A, Oelmann S, Gerardy-Schahn R, Bakker H. Endoplasmic reticulum retention of the big splice variant of the UDP-galactose transporter is attributable to a dilysine motif.

Metcalf CE, Wassarman DA. DNA binding properties of TAF1 isoforms with two AT-hooks. Mei Y, Xie C, Xie W, Wu Z, Wu M. Siah-1S, a novel splice variant of Siah-1 , counteracts Siah-1-mediated downregulation of beta-catenin. Matsuda H, Paul BD, Choi CY, Shi YB. Contrasting results of twoalternative splicing types of coactivator-associated arginine methyltransferase 1 on thyroid hormone receptor-mediated transcription in Xenopus laevis. Martinez O, Brackenridge S, El-Idrissi Mel A, Prabhakar BS. DC-SIGN, however not sDC-SIGN, can modulate IL-2 production from PMA- and anti- CD3-stimulated main human CD4 T cells.

Israel DD, Regan JW. EP prostanoid receptor isoforms utilize distinct mechanisms to manage ERK half of activation. Henderson DM, Conner SD. A novel AAK1 splice variant capabilities at multiple steps of the endocytic pathway. Hashimoto Y, Kurita M, Matsuoka M. Identification of soluble WSX-1 not as a dominant-unfavorable but as an alternative useful subunit of a receptor for an anti-Alzheimer's disease rescue factor Humanin.

Makeyev EV, Zhang J, Carrasco MA, Maniatis T. The MicroRNA miR-124 promotes neuronal differentiation by triggering brain-specific various pre-mRNA splicing. Lopez V, Kelleher SL. Zinc transporter-2 variants are localized to distinct subcellular compartments and functionally transport zinc. Liu YW, Surka MC, Schroeter T, Lukiyanchuk V, Schmid SL. Isoform and splice-variant specific functions of dynamin-2 revealed by evaluation of conditional knock-out cells. Lin T, Tang N, Ostap EM. Biochemical and motile properties of Myo1b splice isoforms. Li Q, Lee JA, Black DL. Neuronal regulation of different pre-mRNA splicing.

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