Veneer Splicing Machine

by:Tumtec      2020-10-17

The LZM-100 is able to splicing massive fibers, generating adiabatic fiber tapers, and performing many other glass shaping and lensing capabilities. Distinctive jacket colours for other fiber sorts could also be considered for addition to Table 3 at some future date.

The CleaveMeter 2 is a non-contact interferometer designed for inspecting the tip-faces of cleaved and polished optical fibers with cladding diameters of one hundred twenty five μm to 1200 μm. The NYFORS AutoCleaver S2 is a modified model of the standard AutoCleaver. The addition of a specifically managed clamping system permits for cleaving of 'air clad' optical fibers.

The ReCoater 2 is used to revive the protective coating on acrylate coated optical fibers in high strength applications. Molds are available in several sizes to cowl a variety of coating diameters and can simply be exchanged by the operator with no realignment required.

The prolonged size ReCoater 2 XL is used to restore the protecting coating on acrylate-coated optical fibers in excessive strength functions. Designed to course of long sections of stripped fiber, it accepts silicone molds of up to one hundred ten mm size. This automated optical fiber tensile testing system is designed for operator ability unbiased use in manufacturing and laboratory settings. Two fundamental model configurations allow the person to decide on between a set up for standard linear proof testing and with additional mandrels for rotary excessive power testing.

Marlow's chrome steel wire loop on 3mm Excel Pro wire makes an excellent device for straightforward pulling when splicing small cords. As with the New England Fids, the Marlow Wire is great for tight crossovers and is a pleasant, minimal wire fid for individuals who don't wish to use the piano wire/clamp methodology. Yale's Professional Splicer Kit offers you a complete set of fids, pushers, and related instruments in a roll-up cloth storage pouch. The pouch has grommets so it may be hung close to your splicing bench for ready access.

The Fujikura excessive tensile stripper HTS-12 provides wonderful power efficiency when eradicating 250µm and four hundredµm buffer from optical fibers. The LAZERMaster LZM-a hundred Laser Splicing System is the world's first fully automated glass processing and splicing system that utilizes CO2 laser know-how as the heat source. This revolutionary expertise eliminates the instability and variability of tungsten electrodes and filament heat sources and dramatically reduces maintenance requirements.

This compact and straightforward-to-use recoater is extremely transportable and permits for fast and simple recoating of optical fibers. NYFORS silicone mildew know-how supplies extreme flexibility for a variety of recoating wants. The CleaveMeter 3D is a phase-shifting Michelson interferometer for non-contact finish-face inspection of cleaved and polished optical fibers with cladding diameters as much as 1200 μm.

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