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Hands Teach You How To Clean The V-groove of Fusion Splicer! Have you learned?


It is believed that many customers will encounter such situations when fusing optical fibers: machine display optical fibers are too thin, fiber misalignment during fusing, motor frequent reset and so on. "Did the machine just bought break down?" Many people do not know how to start, affecting the progress of the project. In fact, the root cause of this kind of problem is that the V-groove of the fusion splicer should be cleaned up! Today, tumtec teach you how to clean the V-shaped groove by hand. It's a good idea!

V-groove is an important part of welder. Its function is to fix and support left and right optical fibers in fusion splicer. If dirty stains appear in V groove, it will affect the splicing loss and stability of the whole splicing machine.

To give a simple example, it is equivalent to a gun rod. How can the bullet from the gun rod hit the target when there is a problem? Therefore, it is very important to clean the V-groove in the daily maintenance of the fuison splicer.

In the daily use of the fusion splicer, if there is a malfunction alarm, we can see the optical fiber dislocation on both sides. The optical fiber offset is too large. If it is a 4-motor or 6-motor machine with adjustable core, it may be possible to correct the mistake by the action of V-groove, but if it is a two-motor machine without adjustable core or band fusion. If you pick up the machine, you will directly alarm, can not continue to fuse, at this time we need to clean V-groove.

Because of the garbage left in the V-groove, the left and right of the optical fiber are not above a horizontal straight line after placement. If the core can not be adjusted at this time, the splicing can not be completed. Even if the machine can adjust the core, the excessive amount of garbage in the V-groove will lead to the motor overrun and unable to adjust the core, or shorten the service life of the machine.

As shown in the figure above, the V-groove can be cleaned carefully with cotton rods or cut optical fibers. When cleaning, it must be bright. When necessary, magnifying glass can be used to observe the bottom of the V-groove. In addition, the material of V-groove is brittle, so avoid grinding with hard materials.

After cleaning the V-groove, we can compare the effect before and after cleaning. In addition, we can also clean the optical fiber foot above it at the same time. Frequent cleaning of V-groove can greatly improve the efficiency of daily welding work, reduce the loss after welding, and effectively prolong the service life of splicing machine.

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