High precision optical fiber cutting knife

by:Tumtec      2020-06-16
High precision optical fiber cutting knife ( Big) JX - 510 features: 1. Suitable for cutting all kinds of single fiber, fiber ribbon; 2. Stable, easy to operate. 3. The standard multiple linear clamping fixture is suitable for single core optical fiber, optional change with core fixture; 4. Carved up the core of the parts when blade chooses high-quality aviation dural, numerical control equipment, high precision, deformation; Low choose super fine grain tungsten steel blade, blade mirror grinding, 300 times no apparent gap under a microscope; Low high rigidity slippery course, promote the small resistance, running stability, impact resistance, long service life; Rubber vulcanization pressure pad import material, has good elasticity and is not inflation, not variant, clamping stability.
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