How to choose a optical fiber welding machine?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-10
How to choose a optical fiber welding machine? Optical fiber welding machine for communication engineering staff, is one of the important equipment need to use every day. A handy, stable performance, speed smooth, welding of low dissipation device allows you to work every day is full of joy, improve work efficiency. Welding machine market at present, relatively chaos, choose to suit your optical fiber welding machine, need from the following several aspects to consider. First, the welding machine type and brand choice long-distance trunk ( The trunk lines) , construction of a major metropolitan area network need to select stable performance and imported welding machine welding low loss, low voltage system, optical fiber door, security engineering, domestic welding machine can meet the demand, if conditions permit, still suggest to buy imported welding machine. Second: optical fiber alignment method and optical fiber core magnification welding machine on the way into the fiber core alignment and packet layer alignment. Aim for cladding welding machine, FTTH fiber core X, Y axis is usually in the magnification of 180 times at the same time, X/Y axis separate magnification of 300 times, for long-distance trunk welding machine, need to choose fiber core on the way of welding machine, usually in the fiber core X, Y axis and magnification of 320 times, 520 times X/Y magnification alone. Fiber core on the welding machine than the cladding on the welding machine performance is good, magnification of welding machine welding loss will be lower. Third: the battery capacity and the number of welding weld battery capacity with times is to choose one of the more important of the welding machine. General welding machine data will indicate the battery capacity and the number of welding, welding machine generally range from 3000 mah to 9800 mah battery capacity, according to the welding time, heating time, the number of welding in the 160 - 355 times, sometimes the same brand welding machine to meet different user requirements, will choose to reduce the battery capacity to improve the whole ratio of welding machine. Battery capacity and the selection of number of welding, the need to choose based on what quantity every time. Choose the battery capacity small welding machine, can be equipped with two pieces of battery or mobile power to solve. Fourth: cost performance ratio refers to the so-called contrast between welding machine performance and price of each brand, now in the market to import welding machine performance is stable, failure rate is less, after-sales specifications, prices are relatively transparent, homebred welding machine performance is uneven, failure rate is higher, after apparently couldn't keep up with, the price also is chaotic, phenomenon is very serious. If not just from the price level, we suggest cost-effective imported welding machine such as Germany, colorful. Fifth: after-sales service and maintenance cost of the welding machine maintenance costs, the choosing welding machine supplier shall consider that warranty time ( Electrode loss except a) , during the period of free maintenance, warranty period only spending to replace electrode rods and the cost of the cutting blade, the late maintenance cost is relatively low. Now there are welding machine on the market price cheap, quality assurance period is short, the situation of the later period of the high cost of repair parts.
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