How to choose fiber welding machine?

by:Tumtec      2020-06-26
Welding machine types to differentiate by number of driving motor, mainly include: two motor machine, apply to the optical fiber to the home, on behalf of the models are: 12 s cane storehouse, the ancient river NJ001, sumitomo TYPE - 100 s four motor machine, apply to the optical fiber to the home, monitoring security, weak current engineering, representative models are: 22 s cane storehouse, the IFS - Six motor machines, such as 15 m for long distance lines, the construction of the trunk line maintenance, representative models are: rattan storehouse of 80 s, the ancient river S178, sumitomo 81 c to distinguish as fiber alignment technology, mainly include: cladding alignment ( Outline of the alignment system PAS) , usually for two or four motors, motor price is relatively cheap, suitable for optical fiber to the home situations such as fiber core alignment ( 核心核心) , generally for six motor model ( Contains the focus motor) , apply to the main optical fiber welding, the price is higher welding machine mainstream brands on the market of welding machine brands are: rattan warehouse in Japan, Japan's sumitomo, Japan ancient river, a south Korean, dark horse, South Korea, South Korea fox, nissin, South Korea, the United States, is not, more than for imported brands. Engaged in domestic brands are: CLP 41, nanjing, nanjing di wei, nanjing day xing tong, shenzhen research, and Shanghai, and our own models, there are many branded machine, in this is differ a list note: all is imported from Japan machine, a south Korean, dark horse has assembled in China
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