How to properly change electrode welding machines

by:Tumtec      2020-07-10
First optical fiber welding machine should be closed, and then remove the electrode chamber of the protection cover, loosen screw is fixed on the electrode, on the electric pole. Then loosen the fixed electrode under the top silk, take out the electrode. New electrode device order the same as the assembly steps, request two electrode tip clearance for: 2. 6±0. 2 mm, with optical fiber and symmetry. Usual cases electrode is not adjusted. Optical fiber welding mechanical and electrical pole in the process of changing into touch the electrode tip, in case of damage, and should avoid electrode slipping on the outside of the machine. After changing electrode must stop arc position calibration. Optical fiber welding machine due to long-term use, the tip of the electrode can produce sediment, the discharge is not smooth, this time can present 'hiss' sound, then I need to stop the electrode clean. Should be timely stop electrode welding machine to take care of the nurses. Electrode to take care of the way: 1, the tip of the electrode unusually weak, among all the process to take care of the nurses should touch and do not use hard objects, lest damage electrode, and a discharge of arc unstable, form continuous quality had no consistent. 2, nursing electrode, chips, stop the large current discharge, lest destroy instrument meter long-term overloaded.
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