How to select good optical fiber welding machine?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-17
How to select good optical fiber welding machine? Q: how to select good optical fiber welding machine? Answer: the first step: make sure the demand, in the analysis of the current market the demand of the following projects: 1, long trunk, man. 2, FTTH engineering ( The optical fiber to the home) 3, regular monitoring circuit and repair works, etc. , the user generally buy optical fiber welding machine is more than a few project: step 2: choose and buy good optical fiber welding machine to determine what we do after engineering, the next step is to choose what kind of optical fiber welding machine! Current welding machine is a mess, a market of welding machine on the market there are a lot of brand, first with imported, imported welding machine price is relatively higher, telecom these operators use these machine is mainly used to do a long distance with the main line, generally are more than 100 km of cable laying, the current domestic machine also can not meet the requirements, for more than 100 km, it will make a great loss of MTK, 1, 100 km above the trunk lines like this project, is very strict, transport the farther the distance decay, the greater the need to use imported welding machine, don't understand at first, buy some machine is very expensive, spent a lot of money, but at that time, the routine work profits is bigger, so soon to earn back the cost, the trunk line imported optical fiber welding machine to make to loss attenuation is very stable, speed is the fastest, also took a long line of backbone project at that time, so buy the imported machines, comparison of efficiency. Under 2, 100 km trunk lines and this kind of optical fiber to the home project engineering requirement is not as strict as long trunk line requirement, and this kind of project is price is very cheap, buy relatively low-end imported machines to do it, the current domestic also has a lot of completely meet the requirements of the machine, the domestic machine and often make activities, used to do short trunk and telecommunications to engineering is very good, the key is the battery of this machine is very durable, my team is now a machine can do an average of 300 a day, because with so many years, feeling the device from the effect to be made or price and after-sales maintenance is also quite good. 3, regular monitoring circuit and repair engineering for repair engineering requirements is low, basic is the fuse connected to it, now the road to do monitoring, community also want to do monitor, and this kind of project, distance is shorter, the requirement is also low, so I would have to buy a cheap imported welding machine line, don't need to buy very good machine, domestic also line.
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