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How to Use Optical Fiber Cleaver?


First: Operation methods and safety operating procedures.

1. Before use, please read the relevant manual carefully and keep the manual and cutting knife properly.

2. When using the cutter, please pay attention to the following things to prevent damage to the machine performance.

3. Do not wet the cutting knife.

4. Never place the fiber cleaver in a damp or dusty place.

5. Store at room temperature to avoid deformation caused by high temperature.

6. Do not hit the cutting knife violently.

7. The length of bare fibers is about 12 mm.

8. Clean the dirt on the fiberboard with alcohol regularly. Do not clean the fiberboard with acetone or corrosive solvent.

9. Fiber carrier tank should be cleaned from time to time to ensure that there is no dust and oil in the tank.


Second:Operational steps

1. Open the pressure plate, place the stripped optical fibers in the V-groove, and determine the cutting length according to the length required by the operator.

2. Push the tool holder to the front end and press down the pressure plate to fix the optical fiber.

3. Close the lid to ensure that the end of the optical fiber is in a straight line.

4. Push the tool holder back.

5. Open the cutter cover.

6. Carefully remove the cut optical fibers to prevent damage to the end face of the optical fibers.

7. Clean up the cut optical fibers and do not damage the blades for future use.

Third: Blade Replacement and Blade Adjustment

1. One to 16 cutting points are marked on the blade.

2. When the cutting knife can not be used properly, clean the edge of the first pressing plate and blade with alcohol (do not use acetone or corrosive solvent to clean the pressing plate)

3. If the cutting point can not be used properly, it means that the cutting point can no longer be used, and the cutting position needs to be changed. The insertion of the blade consists of three parts. When the cutting point needs to be changed, the insertion should be operated in the following order. 

 Adjusting the blade (1-16 cutting points marked on the blade)

(1) Remove the inner hexagonal wrench from the bottom of the cutter.

(2) Release the screws on both sides of CAM with an inner hexagonal wrench.

(3) Rotate the blade counterclockwise so that the blade is fixed in a cutting position. Lock the screw with an inner hexagonal wrench. Carefully operate and do not touch the top of the blade.


 Adjusting blade height

(1) Hold the cutting knife and use the inner hexagonal wrench to loosen the screws on both sides of CAM.

(2) Release the screw at the bottom of the cutter.

(3) Peel a fiber and place it on the fiber groove. Press it down with a pressure plate. Rotate CAM clockwise to adjust the height of the blade. Move the tool holder back and forth. When the blade runs through the fiber, the light lifting of the fiber is the standard.

(4) Lock the screw on both sides and the screw on the bottom of CAM with uniform force.



Replacement of blades

(1) Release the screw at the bottom of the cutter and on both sides of the CAM. See the steps of adjusting the blade height 1 and 

(2) Remove the screw at the bottom of the cutter.

(3) Put the screw on the CAM, pull the screw gently by hand, take out the CAM, then take out the old blade and replace it with the new blade. Then the CAM is installed in situ. Note: Do not fix the cutter with other screws by yourself.

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