How to use the welding machine welding ribbon fiber

by:Tumtec      2020-06-27
Follow area network and the rapid development of optical fiber access network, high density fibers during once light, big some cables contains ribbon cable has been gradually adopted in the construction of communication networks. The above said first with optical fiber welding machine welding ribbon fiber fusion of French and pay attention to matters needing attention. The ribbon fiber from the insert and disposal of a fiber optic cable, about 1 m long strip of the optical fiber to remove its pine casing; B, with a neutral solvent to remove cable paste; C, put ribbon fiber optic light fixture adhere to its superior clean clamp force. Light fixture should choose appropriate, its width and thickness should be according to some conclusions of ribbon fiber and strip the disposal methods of the optical fiber. As usual type of ribbon fiber cladding thickness of about 400 microns, sticky side type fiber ribbon thickness of about 300 microns, ribbon fiber optic light fixture in the deep out as usual to 30 mm length, guaranteeing after cutting, there are 10 mm bare fiber. Ribbon fiber stripping French ribbon fiber base material and optical fiber coating is used stripping method to remove the heat: a, in the light fixture of the ribbon fiber into the hot dissector ( Also called the heating stripping pliers) Within 5 - 8 s, the time is according to the base material of ribbon fiber and optical fiber coating; B, optical fiber, stripped, on the outside of the optical fiber can be invented a large number of leftover coating material, with a cotton towel and more than 99% purity of alcohol to stop washing. Ribbon fiber cutting cutting quality is guaranteeing that the lower the consumption of welding stress status. To adhere to the superior function of cutting knife, cutting knife v groove and the fiber outside must very clean, after cutting the fiber end face Angle < 1 °, the cutting length of 10 mm. A, ribbon fiber ribbon fiber welding process is placed within the v groove, the premelting arc burning fiber impurities, outside reflection optical fiber end; B, welding; C, continuous introspection and test before welding electrical arc intensity, to explore the best premise, weld consumption budget performance value ( Between budget value is based on optical fiber end face interval, optical fiber end face Angle and the fiber cladding diameter counterpoint to calculate) 。 Stop after welding machines cover a, will be set on the melt point of casing in the optical fiber groove welding machine attached heater, the casing of the support bar should be placed in the above; B, will pass by melting contact enhanced screen after the optical fiber box installed in the discussion. Multiplexed welding to reach low consumption, need to adopt has the excellent function of how much fiber, and severely by the regulation of French manipulation, guaranteeing fiber and outside surface treatment is superior. At the same time must pay attention to optical fiber, and the clean of the instrument, adhere to the function of the equipment is superior.
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