Imported optical fiber welding machine small common sense science!

by:Tumtec      2020-04-21
Imported optical fiber welding machine small common sense science! 1, q: optical fiber splicing electromechanical great how many times can put electricity? A: single core welding machine generally 3000 ~ 5000 times. As the machine with the increase of number of discharge electrode stick front will have corresponding loss, excessive discharge will cause discharge center position offset, loss of fiber connection will be easy to big. Then, please replace the new electrode rod. 2, q: welding machine menu of 'discharge correction' is performed under what circumstances? A: here are the following several ways: 1) Replacing new electrode rods need discharge correction; 2) Different operation scene or temperature, humidity, altitude changes such as: from indoor to outdoor, rain and snow, mountain operations; 3) Electrode stick discharge accumulated up to 100 times or so; 4) Need to replace optical fiber welding mode: for example, single mode switch to the multimode mode. 3, ask: how to clean the V groove answer: 1) Need to use dip in with alcohol ( Concentration of more than 95%) Fine cotton cleaning the bottom of the V groove, and wipe dry cotton extra legacy in V groove of alcohol. 2) Or will dip in with alcohol thin cotton swabs dipped in V groove, make the V groove is filled with alcohol, and then remove contaminants with a cut fiber tail out of the V groove. Note: it must be careful not to encounter the electrode tip. Don't too hard when clean V groove. In order to avoid damage to V groove surface material. 4, ask: if the optical fiber cutting knife blade or rubber pad dirty, will produce what effect, how should solve? A: if the optical fiber cutting knife blade or rubber pad dirty, cutting quality becomes poor. This will lead to fiber tail or fiber end face with ash, leading to large welding wear and tear. With fine cotton swabs dipped with alcohol to clean the blade and rubber pressure pad, and to wipe them with dry cotton swabs. 5, to ask: if the objective lens is dirty, will be what effect on optical fiber welding, how should solve? Answer: if the machine of the objective lens is dirty, so normal observation of optical fiber core position could be affected, which leads to high welding loss or bad welding. So shall regularly clean two objective lenses, otherwise will continue the accumulation of dust and difficult to remove. According to the following steps clean objective lens: 1) Before cleaning the objective lens, we should turn off the power supply. Note: must be removed before clean lens electrode rod. 2) It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol gently wipe the objective lens. Since the middle of the lens with cotton brush, do circular motion, has been to spin out the edge of the lens. Then according to the previous methods to wipe with a clean dry cotton to the legacy of alcohol. 3) Open the power supply, start the optical fiber welding machine in the maintenance menu for a dust test, press X/Y in field to check the status of the two CCD lens surface. If after the above steps, dust examination not through please send the company repair centers.
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