Imported optical fiber welding machine V groove clean method and importance

by:Tumtec      2020-05-08
Imported fiber V groove welding machine cleaning methods and the importance of V groove is part of the optical fiber welding machine is very important, it is the use of fixed and support the role of optical fiber. So fiber optic V groove welding machine on daily cleaning is a very important maintenance. Welding machine in the process of daily use, in the event of fiber did not put in V groove system will automatically alarm, through the display screen can be seen at the ends of the optical fiber, optical fiber migration or move too much, if can be adjustable core 4 motor welding machine or 6 motor welding machine, could automatically by the machine V groove to fix optical fiber core function, but if it is not the core of machine or strip welding machine, the system will directly report to the police, cannot continue to weld, this time we need to stop welding open windproof cap to clean V groove. The cause of the problem above, must be a V groove is caused by waste, lead to fiber placed after the V groove around fiber is not in a straight and level above, this time of the machine cannot be automatically adjustable core, can't continue to complete the welding. Can even be core machine, V groove on the inside too much garbage will directly cause the motor over travel not fiber, will shorten the service life of machine. Cleaning method of V groove as shown in the above, we can use a swab or cut fiber to carefully clean of V groove, attention must be hit when clean bright light, it is necessary when can also use a magnifying glass to look at the bottom of the V groove. Also need to be aware of is the material of V groove for ceramic don't use something hard to burnish will hurt V groove. After cleaning V groove can compare before and after the clean effect, the other can also be helping to clean at the top of the optical fiber presser foot. Often clean V groove weld can significantly improve daily work of the efficiency and reduce the wastage of the after welding, and can effectively prolong the service life of welding machine.
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