In 2016, demand for optical fiber welding machine market development in the asia-pacific region

by:Tumtec      2020-04-19
In 2016, the asia-pacific region development effect on the optical fiber welding machine market demand a lot of people would ask China optical fiber welding machine market in 2016 and how? 1, let's review the last year's report: from the point of regional markets around the world, the asia-pacific region is the largest consumer market, welding machines and over the next five years in the Chinese market demand, market share in the asia-pacific region will continue to rise; North American market demand for the second, third, the European market in South America market in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru, driven by optical fiber welding machine demand growth is strong. In addition, it is worth mentioning the Russian market. ElectroniCast predicted that in 2019 the Russian market, the demand for optical fiber welding machine will be twice as many as in 2014, especially the application of FTTH/B small hand-held fixed aligned single fiber will triple demand for welding machine. Application according to the application, in 2014, the telecom optical fiber welding machine accounts for 64% of the overall market, CATV applications (10%), residential/enterprise application (10%), military (2%), other special applications accounted for 14%; From 2014 to 2019, applied to the private enterprises to network of optical fiber welding machine with 6. The average annual growth rate of 3%. 2, after the development of strong market in 2016 and last year? According to related survey data shows that strong demand in the asia-pacific region, will promote the development of the optical fiber welding machine market, shipments will reach 12 by 2020. 30000 units. Still in the asia-pacific region is the largest user group of optical fiber welding machine. Compared with 2015 in 2020, put into use in the asia-pacific region the number of optical fiber welding machine is expected to double. China is a new type of welding machine in the asia-pacific region's largest users, in 2016 is expected to reach 3 new shipments. 40000 units. Compared to many optical fiber type welding machine, single fiber machine will become the fastest growing machine type; 3, the optical fiber welding factory domestic situation as the optical fiber welding machine, under the strong demand of the domestic manufacturers, while also operating and is really manufacturers are numbered; And introduced the parameters of the welding machine to the user is very the same, it brought a lot of trouble with the user.
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