In front of the optical fiber fusion welding machine should be how to prepare for optical fiber will be welding!

by:Tumtec      2020-05-03
In front of the optical fiber fusion welding machine should be how to prepare for optical fiber will be welding! Ready to optical fiber welding strip outer layer, remove the length of the coating layer, usually 2 - 3 cm, ready to weld will be optical fiber the process for all the welding of the same type: must divest all fiber should be cleaned thoroughly before welding. When ready to weld fiber, remove the buffer coating ( S) , showing the appropriate length of bare fiber cleaning wipes with appropriate optical fiber using the standard of the cutting knife cutting fiber by using the optical fiber into where welding machine guide rail clamping it will start the machine optical fiber fusion welding operation selected welding is optical fiber type welding will display by fusion of optical fiber video screen. Optical fiber ends will be checked for proper cutting and bad as one of the rights of the above will be rejected. Automatic splicing fiber will be moved to the location of the period to eliminate the dust of the end of the optical fiber and its hot melt the fiber optic fiber will be used for the weld alignment optical fiber to fiber core alignment method by heating them arc and to control the rate at which the fiber will push the automatic cycle have been made by the welding when the welding arc, welding machine will check connectors and estimate the light of the splicing loss. Whether it will tell the operator need to rework. Operators will delete optical and thermal shrinkage or clamping clamshell protection additional permanent welding protection. Good stitching splicing has been running after visual inspection procedures, at the same time using X and Y's opinion. Not influence the optical transmission some defect is acceptable, as shown. Some fibers ( Such as doped fluoride or titanium coating) May cause white or black line in the joint area not in fault. ( Graphic from sumitomo manual) Some bad weld defect is unacceptable, and call for an end to start the welding process. Some, such as black spots or lines, can repeat the ARC process improvement, but never more than two times. For large core offset, bulging bubbles or joint, redo all the time. ( Graphic from sumitomo manual)
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