In security video surveillance project in the correct way of using the optical fiber

by:Tumtec      2020-06-29
Fibre is a tool for signal transmission is extremely convenient, cable one slim light works, could replace more than thousands of physical lines of communication, do large and long distance communication. Optical fiber transmission with wide frequency band, large capacity of communication, low dissipation, relay, long distance, high fidelity, strong anti-interference ability and adaptability, the advantages of small size light weight, etc. Today, in our life is everywhere, even were widely used in monitoring engineering, so in video surveillance engineering, which should be paid attention to when using optical fiber considerations and grasp what knowledge? Must first understand optical fiber optical fiber and optical fiber products used in is short, is a kind of made of glass or plastic fiber, can be used as light transmission tool. Transmission principle is 'total reflection of light. Prepare all ready to be used to form a complete set of products, such as optical fiber welding machine, optical fiber cutting knife, optical fiber terminal box, optical fiber coupler, fiber connection box, optical fiber tail fiber, ODF distribution frame, etc. To know more about product of form a complete set of application methods clearly, convenient for equipment procurement and achieve good job auxiliary effect, to do a good job of preparation, to avoid 'forgetful' in the course of work. Select the appropriate tail fiber interface type optical fiber tail fiber commonly used interface types have ST, SC, FC, SC/APC, FC/APC, monitoring project requirements to optical transceiver or optical transceiver equipment, such as optical fiber interface type in accordance with the equipment, select the corresponding tail fiber interface. To make a distinction between optical transceiver and fiber transceiver optical fiber in optical transceiver is simulated monitoring equipment, converts light signals to BNC interface signal; And optical transceiver is digital monitoring equipment, the optical fiber used in converts light signals to RJ45 interface signals, so according to the different types of monitoring projects, choose the corresponding optical fiber equipment. Select the appropriate fiber type fiber generally divided into single mode fiber and multimode fiber two types. Difference between the length of the transmission distance, single-mode optical fiber transmission distance up to a few tens of kilometers, multimode optical fiber transmission distance is shorter, so the monitoring using single-mode fiber is used in engineering. So purchase fiber optic equipment, generally preferred support single-mode fiber devices. Select optical fiber optical fiber fusion welding method has both hot and cold. Hot melt through the optical fiber welding machine to weld two optical fibers, and cold shut is through the optical fiber cold subgroups by welding two optical fibers together. Because of the cold than hot melt method stability is poorer, so suggest hot melt. Fiber laying way outdoor fiber generally USES overhead or buried way laid. The adoption of optical fiber, optical fiber should be avoided in the process of laying forcibly twisted fiber, prevent fiber optic don't break. Pay more attention to click and search rattan friend precision optical fiber welding machine, rattan friend electricity service number.
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