In the Internet rapid development today how online optical fiber welding machine?

by:Tumtec      2020-03-21
In the Internet rapid development today how online optical fiber welding machine? We all know that online shopping goods cheaper than entity shop offers thousands of yuan. Have multiple optical fiber welding machine on the market brand, each brand have multiple models, how to choose? Small make up today to sum up, how to choose a suitable optical fiber welding machine. Step 1: choose the right platform for shopping online shopping should first determine the businessman, decided to buy, good and evil people mixed up in the market. Knowledgeable not knowledgeable in sales. Under the temptation of low price. You must be cautious to buy. 'There is no profit for the service' the same machine price difference of one thousand yuan, among them there will be a reason! I recommend taobao shopping choose top businesses, regardless of from after-sales guaranteed, professional services, and other aspects. The second step: best through official channels to purchase the official website or official taobao shop, it generally does not indicate the official shop. Step 3: determine welding machines of choose and buy good seller and what we need to do a project, the next step is to buy what kind of optical fiber welding machine! Welding machine on the market there are a lot of brands, several big operators sumitomo, rattan warehouse, purchasing is one of the most ancient river imported welding machine, but the price is relatively a little high! MTK is no guarantee in terms of quality, operator purchasing these machines be used for long distance lines, general engineering and maintenance repair, FTTH Germany colorful high performance welding machine, one machine ah, FTTH trunk can do! ! ! Loss of welding for welding machine, welding loss is one of the most important indicators, it directly determine the engineering quality and efficiency. Battery life welding machine for field construction, the battery life is very important. In general, one day can be reached 150 skilled operators core optical fiber in place. So the requirement of the battery should be can work continuously at least six hours or can be carried out more than 150 times and heating. Operability for ordinary workers, most of the welding machine operator simple and easy to use is also one of the more important factor. Heating time a fiber connection time is about 6 s, and a 60 mm standard heat shrinkable casing thermal shrinkage time more than 35 s. Hot shrinkage problem has become the whole construction to further improve efficiency of the biggest factors. Other means to promote the efficiency of the heater heating time, for the battery's energy consumption reduced. Welding welding time although the impact on the efficiency of the overall construction is not big, but can in a relatively short time to complete high quality succeeded in part also represent the whole technical level of the welding machine. Show the effect of fiber optic imaging effect allows the operator to the whole process has a more intuitive understanding. In addition, the instrument to judge, the core optical fiber end face and welding effect of evaluation are established on the basis of the image. If the volume weight for those who work in the machine, outdoor light small portable is always or modified in the direction of the welding machine. The volume and weight of the smaller will bring many convenience to the user of construction.
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