In the use of optical fiber welding are those that never dry matter?

by:Tumtec      2020-03-22
In the use of optical fiber welding are those that never dry matter? 1, please use this to produce the power of the optical fiber welding machine installation, do not use rules of power adapter, battery, power cords, etc. Do not use this product outside the rules of voltage, so as not to cause fire or get an electric shock accident. 2, don't let the liquid such as water or metal material into the machine, otherwise it will cause fire, electric shock, machine problems. Once the machine into water or metals, please stop using, unplug the power plug, contact the company maintenance department. 3, stop in a flammable, explosive environment using the welding machine, otherwise it will cause fire or explosion. 4, welding machine is working, do not touch the electrode, so as to avoid the high pressure generated by electrode discharge wounded. In addition to change the electrode must turn off the power and unplug the power cord. 5, if discover machine present smoke, smell, abnormal sound, please immediately stop using and plug the power supply, contact the company maintenance service department. If continue to use may cause fire, electric shock, machine fault accident. 6, to prevent split, modified welding machine, battery, power adapter, in order to avoid formation of fever, break or fire. 7, strict according to the operation manual, please use the battery, the use of error method may cause the battery heat, break, explosion, fire or personal injury. * please do not apply to clarify books outside rules for battery charging; * don't throw the battery into the fire; * don't put is negative reverse connection. * don't in the high temperature, fire or direct sunlight to charge or discharge, * please do not throw or hit the battery; * if the battery electrolyte leakage, please be careful treatment, such as accidentally comes into contact with the skin or eyes, must be thoroughly clean immediately, and see the doctor at once. At the same time inform the maintenance center disposal of batteries. 8, optical fiber welding machine required by professional and technical personnel to stop repair and debugging, incorrect repair may provoke a fire or electric shock. If appear problem, please contact the service center.
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