Introduction to welding machine

by:Tumtec      2020-05-03
Introduction to optical fiber fusion welding machine is permanently connect optical fiber, optical fiber welding machine is high cost, but each time the welding cost is very low, and the loss is low. The following is welding machine basic common sense. 1, the cutting knife is a tool with cutting fiber precise flat surface. Find a good and proper maintenance. This will seriously affect the welding quality. If you have to pinch pennies, don't do such a thing; Good cutting knife is shrunk to optical fiber end face Angle to & lt; 5 degrees. 2, welding fiber can choose a simple V groove structure, or by more expensive automatic welding machine, the choice depends on your requirements of optical fiber welding, quantity and budget. 3, welding failure is a common cause of dirt attached to connect V groove, with dust, dirt or fiber. V groove dust dirt can lead to repeat splicing failure, dirt and fiber random splicing failure cause. In both cases, the program needs to self-inspection and new discharge, etc. In general, automatic welding machine than fixed V groove machine to use, this makes automatic welding machine. Four electrodes, welding machine to provide heat to melt glass end together. Proper maintenance electrode is crucial. 5, heater is used to weld heat shrinkable protection. When optical fiber by external can have the effect of protection, heat shrinkable protection fiber thermal shrinkage tube to no bubble inside, or it will cause unpredictable loss etc. 6, welding protection is essential. It must cover the bare fiber, plus a little bit more. Bare fiber must be straight in, Don't bend) Inside, otherwise can happen joint failure. 7, welding technicians need professional training system and familiar with the purchase of equipment, welding machine and cutting knife requires inspection and maintenance program. 8, welding dust is the most common causes of failure or electrode welding machine, and the cutting knife badly worn or adjust the blade. Therefore, regardless of the welding machine and cutting knife need by experts and technical personnel for maintenance and maintenance.
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