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Know The Following Six Points, Novice Still Afraid Of Using Fiber Optic Splicing Machine?


We all know that optical fiber is glass, easy to damage, in the process of optical fiber fusion construction should be considerable attention, in addition to the fiber splicing machine, connecting parts, fiber quality and other factors, human operation has a great impact on the quality of welding; The following are common mistakes that construction workers, especially novices, make:

First : Not clean fiber before welding

Before fusing the optical fiber, it is very important to clean the skin after stripping it off and before cutting the optical fiber. This removes debris and other possible contaminants from the stripping process.

Be sure to clean before cutting. Nothing is cleaner than the end of a newly cut optical fiber. Never clean after cutting. You'll get the end face dirty if you do. This will lead to the additional burden of the optical fiber fusion splicing machine in the pre-discharge stage, shorten the electrode life, lead to the nonlinear joint with bubbles, thus reducing the mechanical strength of the joint, and bring about additional loss.

Second: Using the wrong cutting tools

The smoothness of the end face of the optical fiber has an important influence on the performance of the fused or terminated optical fiber. In the past, people used optical fiber cleaversto cut optical fibers manually. Now, with the development of science and technology, modern automatic cutting tools are very common in the market. These tools can not only improve the safety of operators, but also protect optical fibers. Generally speaking, the automatic cutting tool is an important tool to ensure that the end face of the cut optical fiber is qualified.

Third : No calibration before fiber fusion

It is very important to calibrate the splicing machine. In particular, the intensity of arc or current needs to be adjusted frequently to ensure the appropriate size of welding, so as to ensure that the mechanical strength of the welding joint is strong enough and the optical performance is good enough. This is especially important when working at a change in pressure or at high latitudes. In fact, the calibration work is easy to do, for most fusion machines, simply put the optical fiber on, as if to do welding. However, the calibration does not use true welding, but to the welding machine maintenance menu, select arc calibration or arc back measurement options, fusion splicing machine will tell the operator step by step how to conduct calibration. After the calibration is completed, the splicing machine will also remind the calibration is completed or whether the whole system needs to be re-tested. If it has not been calibrated before, the fusion machine may need to be re-tested many times to adjust itself, the current, atmospheric density, humidity, these indicators welding machine needs to adjust itself to ensure the performance.

Four:Fiber appears slightly bent

Microbending of the optical fiber is usually caused by excessive pressure on the optical fiber. Microbending of the optical fiber will lead to decreased signal quality, and this problem is difficult to be detected by the naked eye, unless checked by OTDR.

What causes microbending? It should be excessive pressure on the optical fiber. The most common reason is that the cable is too tight when fixed. Other causes of optical fiber micro-bending may be optical cable in the device panel shaft position.

A good option for fiber optic fusion is to use transparent sleeves to wrap the fusion points. The loose casing will be molded into a transparent casing to form a tight package. These transparent sleeves are then placed in the wiring tray and secured. The fixed knot slides freely through the hard plastic casing. This can avoid any squeezing when the fiber moves, causing many unnecessary problems in the future.

Five:Fiber overbending

All optical cables have their own minimum bending radius, therefore, we in the construction of optical cable, should pay attention to not exceed the minimum bending radius of optical cable, in order to avoid damage to optical cable and sheath within the optical fiber.

What's the problem with overbending? You can see the problem when you test with OTDR. Overbending is often found only when measured at 1550nm or 1625nm. Most single-mode optical fibers work at 1310nm, a wavelength that is less sensitive to bending. Today, however, more fiber optic systems use 1550nm and 1625nm wavelengths. These wavelengths are more sensitive to problems in optical fibers. Problems that you can't see with OTDR at 1310 nanometers can be very problematic at those two wavelengths, and the solution is to avoid overbending.

Six:Reuse old wipes/cloths

Reusing wipes/cloths is penny wise and pound foolish because when a connector is cleaned with a piece of wipes/cloths, the wipes/cloths become dirty and become stained with the oil and ash on your hands. It is not cost-effective to reuse lint-free wipes/paper. In fact, repeated pollution is likely to have nightmarish consequences for the Internet. Of course, if you really want to save money, you can buy the smallest size of wipe/cloth.

Wiping cloth is not a very expensive thing, compared to the cost of the construction personnel on the site to re-examine the problem. Three things are important. First, don't buy big, buy small. Second, don't buy a large bag of wipes, buy ones that make sure you use them cleanly. Third, tell your team to throw away any wipes you use once. You think it's wasteful, and think about the extra costs you're paying for it.

The above problems are the most common mistakes made by the construction personnel during the optical fiber welding. Many novices have not received professional training and need long-term experience to understand this truth, but this also causes problems in the optical fiber network communication. All in advance to understand these, the correct use of welding machine, understand every link is particularly important.

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