Mechanical connection and welding machine welding the wastage of the real causes

by:Tumtec      2020-05-04
Mechanical connection and welding machine welding the wastage of the real causes. Join the relative core optical fiber must be correct alignment. The following is the real reason in welding loss. Welding the classification and principle of optical fiber fusion welding machine is the use of the heat generated by the electrode arc between optical fiber splicing. Welding is divided into two kinds of methods, as described below. ( 1) Core alignment method ( Core alignment) Aim at the core of the fiber under the microscope, after the execution of positioning for discharge welding method, made by matching the center axis of the core image processing. With observation camera welding machine is equipped with two direction, orientation will be conducted from two directions. ( 2) Stationary V groove alignment method ( The package layer alignment) This welding method using high precision positioning and orientation of fiber of V groove, and using fiber alignment effect welding ( Cladding alignment) The surface tension. Joint made this way the implementation of the optical fiber low loss due to the recent production process, which has improved on the precision of the size of the core is the location of the progress. This method is mainly used for action, joining together in a single fiber optic cable. Cause loss of mechanical connection: ( 1) Poor poor concentricity joined the concentricity of the fiber connector/splicing loss. Single mode optical fiber in the general case, the connector/splicing loss value to calculate for deviation multiplied by zero. The amount of 2 square. ( For example, if the light source wavelength of 1310 nanometers, not by the results of 1 micron in about 0. Loss of 2 db) 。 ( 2) Fiber axial runout of the connection between the optical axis of the deviation will be the cause of the loss of connection. For general use, single mode fiber, and multiplied by zero. Two approximate axial installation error square and get the value of the loss of connection. ( In the case of light wavelength of 1310 nm, for example, about 0. 2 db in axial deviation 1 micron) ( 3) Clearance by the clearance between the optical fiber end face connection loss. Docking, for example, when the end face of the fiber is not properly connected to the mechanical joint, the connection loss. ( 4) Reflection if the fiber end face clearance, due to the optical fiber and air, coupling loss of refractive index of the poor, because up to 0. A reflection of the 6 db in order. In addition, the optical fiber end face of optical connector clean is very important, in order to prevent the cross section of a light, due to the loss of optical connector on either side of the junk end than other optical fiber end face, the end of the optical connector cleaning is important to.
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