Mechanical connector connected to the optical fiber cable and optical fiber welding machine, the basic classification!

by:Tumtec      2020-04-30
Mechanical connector connected to the optical fiber cable and optical fiber welding machine, the basic classification! Fiber optic cable connector to connect optical fiber and optical fiber welding machine welding the basic purpose is to make two optical fibers of the fiber core alignment, can ensure that more than 90% of the light; The following are the main types of fiber optic cable connector structure at present. 1. The connection of shell structure is through a pin and sleeve. As a fine pin bushing, will be fixed pin optical fiber. Fine machining of sleeve is a sleeve ( Opening and not open his mouth in two) Dock, and ensure that the two pins in the sleeve on the two optical fiber. Its principle is: when the outer coaxial pin, cylinder pin and referred to the end of the external cylindrical sleeve and inner hole machining is very fine parked in the sleeve pin, optical fiber is implemented. Because this kind of structure design is reasonable processing technology, to achieve the required accuracy, it has been widely used. FC, SC, and other types of connectors used in the structure. 2. Double cone structure characteristic of this kind of connector is through the use of conical positioning. Outside pin processed into cone surface, the hole is at the bottom of the double conical surface. Two pins inserted into the core to achieve docking a slot in the base. And the pin high precision, on the basis of combined with a conical surface of cone surface is necessary, to ensure that the core of the alignment, but also protect the fiber end face and the spacing is just meet the requirements. It capture pin and the use of polymer molding, are the basis of good accuracy and consistency. V groove structure it is two pin principle, in order to release the v-shaped grooves on the base, cover after press the pin, so that the core aim. This structure can achieve high precision. Its disadvantage is that the structure is complex, part number. 4. Centering the spherical structure of this structure is composed of two parts, one part is equipped with precision ball, on the basis of another part of the set pin cone surface ( Equivalent to the light mirror) 。 The ball through the 7 l diameter than the diameter of pin is open a hole. When two pins inserted into the base, spherical and conical surface on the joint core, and make sure that the distance between the core and request within the scope of control, the design is clever. FH of complex shape parts, the processing difficulty of adjustment, at present, only France adopted the structure. 5. Lens coupling structure, also known as the far-field coupling lens coupling lens coupling, and it is divided into two ball coupling of self-focusing lens, this lens structure to realize optical fiber alignment. Lens of the optical fiber exit for the parallel light, again by another lens focusing parallel light guide people another optical fiber. Advantage is to reduce the machining accuracy, the coupling more easily. Defect is complex, large volume, adjusting components, splicing loss is big, in the optical communication, especially in the trunk of the connector of this type rarely used, but in some special occasions, as in the field of communication in this structure still apply. Because of the communication distance is short, larger dust environment, dissipation can be bigger, but the need for quick access. Lens can be found that bigger, more easy to turn to, just to meet the demand. More than five kinds of structure, there are advantages and disadvantages, the feasibility and actual effect of structure design, has obvious advantages of precise sleeve structure is reasonable, the batch processing. The most widely used at present, we are using this structure in the connector. Optical fiber welding machine is the main tool, connect optical fiber can be classified according to a variety of ways. 1. Classified by the number of welding optical fiber at the same time according to the welding fiber classification number at the same time, the optical fiber welding machine can be divided into single core optical fiber splicing, ribbon fiber welding machine. 2. According to the optical fiber splicing pattern classification through the optical fiber optical fiber welding machine welding machine welding mode can be divided into single mode and multimode welding machine. Multimode welding machine is used by the tension of fiber itself down the centuries fixed groove of axial deviation, automatic correction without finishing positioning in vertical direction, the typical multimode welding machine is not suitable for single mode optical fiber joint, because the single mode optical fiber core is very small.
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