Of several factors influence fiber welding machine loss summary!

by:Tumtec      2020-05-16
Of several factors influence fiber welding machine loss summary! The factors influencing fiber loss of welding machine is more, generally can be divided into optical fiber intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors. Optical fiber intrinsic factors is refers to the fiber itself, there are mainly four. ( 1) The mode field diameter of the fiber is inconsistent; ( 2) Two optical fiber core diameter mismatch; ( 3) Fiber core cutting section is not round; ( 4) Poor fiber core and cladding concentricity. Optical fiber mode field diameter of inconsistent most affected, according to the CCITT ( The international telegraph and telephone consultative committee) Advice, tolerance standard single-mode fiber are as follows: the mode field diameter: ( 9~10μm) Plus or minus 10%, that is, tolerance to about + 1 microns; The diameter of the cladding: 125 + 3 microns; Mode field concentricity error of 6%, or less out of roundness of 2% or less. Direct extrinsic factors can affect the fiber connection loss in technology. ( 1) Axis misalignment: single mode optical fiber core is very fine, two docking fiber optic axis misalignment affect the connection loss. 1 when the dislocation. 2 microns, the loss of 0. 5分贝。 ( 2) Axis: when optical fiber tilted section 1 °, about 0. 6 db in the loss, if the request succeeded loss 0 or less. 1 db, the single mode fiber Angle should be 0 or less. 3°。 ( 3) End face separation: activities of the connector connection is not good, it is easy to produce face separation, the connection loss is bigger. When welding machine discharge voltage is low, also prone to face separation, the situation in a tensile test can be found in the function of welding machine. ( 4) End face quality: optical fiber end face of the roughness is bad when also can produce loss, even bubbles. ( 5) Physical deformation: near the point of optical cable tensile deformation in the process of erection, in place of solid cable clamp pressure in the box is too big, etc. , will have an impact on in place of loss, and even can improve weld several times. The influence of other factors. In personnel operating level, operation steps, pan fiber technology level, the degree of electrode in the welding machine is clean, welding parameter setting, the working environment clean degree and so on all can affect the splicing loss value.
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