On the connection methods of optical fiber welding machine

by:Tumtec      2020-06-23
The primary USES of optical fiber welding machine is used to realize the connection of the fiber. Although there are many different kinds of welding machine and light but actually kind of optical fiber structure of the welding machine basic is consistent, namely the majority of the optical fiber welding machine generally adopts high precision components ( By the two pin and a roller tube altogether three parts) To achieve the alignment of the fiber connection. This method is to fiber inserted and fixed in the pin, and the pin surface after polishing processing, achieve alignment in the roll and tube. Pin of the components made of metal or nonmetal materials outside the butt end of the pin * * grinding processing, on the other side usually adopt bending limit artifacts to support soft a fiber or fiber to release stress. Roll and tube is usually made of ceramic, or isolated copper materials of the two halves of the synthesis, the fastening of cylindrical component, equipped with metal or plastic flange, so that the welding machine installation fixed. For * * on the optical fiber, as far as possible to the pin and roller tube high machining accuracy requirements. Optical fiber welding machine is mainly used in optical communication, optical cable construction and maintenance. Mainly rely on release arc two optical fiber fusion, at the same time by using the principle of the collimating gently forward, so as to realize the coupling of optical fiber mode field. Also applies to each big telecommunication operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions to private network and so on, also used for fiber optic passive and active devices and optical fiber fusion module, etc.
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