Optical fiber and the difference of broadband: ADSL broadband and fiber-optic broadband

by:Tumtec      2020-04-24
Optical fiber and the difference of broadband, ADSL broadband and fiber-optic broadband generally use is common ADSL broadband, those is relatively concentrated in the crowd in fiber-optic broadband, this kind of material need to use optical fiber connection, welding machine and ADSL broadband and fiber-optic broadband what is the difference between the most direct? That is speed. In addition to the speed difference, ADSL broadband and fiber-optic broadband and other differences. ADSL broadband and fiber-optic broadband 1, technical contrasting technically, ADSL technology is used for transition, and FTTx + LAN is better than that of ADSL is relatively perfect technology, is a true broadband technology. 2, applicable people divide the ADSL, for the distribution of population and FTTH + LAN for relatively concentrated. 3, popularization and consumer perceptions of ADSL broadband industry is now in jilin province public products, the widespread cognition for consumers. Most of the consumer's perception of a LAN and anticipation is gradually increased. 4, the installation cost and price is the advantage of optical fiber broadband hubs, Ethernet switch networking equipment such as low cost, the user does not need to install the ADSL modem, this is the capital of Ethernet and ADSL competition. Optical fiber broadband users less investment, cost price is cheaper. ADSL using existing local telephone network and telephone exchange machine room, not out of fixed telephone, by using regional restriction, go call also make the product cost increases at the same time. 5, speed compared with ADSL technology, asymmetric digital technology lead to TDD speed has asymmetric, speed limited. And LAN USES symmetric digital broadband technology, has a wider band, and variable bandwidth, can improve speed, and ADSL due to bandwidth scalable potential is not big, so the ADSL can't meet the market demand for access rate in the future. 6, stability and anti-jamming of ADSL generally to line quality requirement, when the line quality is bad, will affect the stability. When transmission rate is higher, the greater the attenuation and crosstalk affected the signal also, sometimes, can appear the problem of net rate drop, drop. FTTX community broadband network is used to different networks, corridor switches and community center, community center switch draw end switches are connected by optical fiber, network stability, high reliability, let alone produce influence each other. 7, access FTTX + LAN is a fiber optic cable to the floor to the door, ADSL for ordinary telephone twisted-pair cable. In comparison, the LAN users access to more simple, can be used to access routers, switches, and even ordinary card, client using 5 kinds of way to access network line, plug and play. At the same time because of the way of LAN is using fiber optic cable + 5 kinds of line way to integrated wiring of the community, so as to better the quality guarantee. 8, compare ADSL business and function, to support the Internet/Intranet/Extranet, voice business, video business, data services, frame relay, ATM business FR access business, VPN virtual private network, which can realize interconnection between networks, information sharing and exchange of visits and transmission. And FTTX + LAN mode on the basis of the existing ADSL, covers all the ADSL all of the business and function. FTTX + LAN help build intelligent community broadband network system, to form whole family and property management platform terminal LAN, provide support for all types of property management to carry out online value-added services.
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