Optical fiber broadband: home Internet store of new technology

by:Tumtec      2020-04-05
Optical fiber broadband: home Internet store technology optical fiber welding machine is a break in the communications category, it is still in about it how to 10 times faster than a DSL Internet old things. When it was first commercialized in the 1980 s, it is a secondary phone companies and enterprises to call. Now in the age of the Internet, people are demanding faster Internet and greater bandwidth and fiber was proved to be much better than the traditional cable and DSL technology. Tomorrow all the Internet service provider to provide Internet optical fiber scheme based on optical fiber. As the demand for faster and more volatile Internet growth from time to time, consumer optical broadband packet to 700 Mbps, still can stop the progress of development. In 2014, there was a report about a new technology, can make the optical fiber at a speed of up to 21 times its before sending data. Referred to as the 'core optical fiber,' with the 'one-way journey into seven lanes highway', compared to because the fiber bundle is usually has a light signal through the core. In many core optical fiber, optical fiber with multiple cores, which can send light signals, so as to add the rate at which data can be sent. So far, it is still in development, but based on the published in January 2015, 34 technology journal volume light waves, they had expected it was a good candidate to restraint optical communication later spare capacity limits. In the optical fiber broadband, like any other type of broadband, demand signal regeneration is sent, due to its better when marching along the medium, from copper to glass, weak signal or noise and distortion, to its make it weak. In order to check the onset of this kind of condition, the equipment must be repeated every few hundred miles the signal. Every 60 miles about optical fiber, this attack. But in 2015, research personnel can find a way through the precision of the frequency comb progress data, the frequency comb to use accurate signal and the average distance before the information is transmitted to stop coding information, enabling them to farther in the interval of data transmission, without demand data to regenerate. This will also add to send data capacity, and heard that it can make cheaper compared with other network, due to increased demand update optical signals. Optical fiber broadband technology of another pending rate is coded modulation signal information to add. The newspaper exposed throughout 2016, said after sending the light of the different frequency of pulse, creating a so-called 'super channel', at the same time, through special acceptance to capture a wide range of frequencies, like a variety of techniques used in the wireless signal, they can progress speed data up to 1. 125Tbps。 The broadband 50000 times faster than the uniform. So far, the technology has not been used, but heard of university college London, superstition has developed a new optical fiber devices. With all these new improvement, people would want to know how much capital in the future, because of the optical fiber broadband users for future technology once receive hundreds of dollars a year. The reality is that the first thing we have to wait and see what first into commercial use. Each report is not really given the price tag. Reality, if the reality proves that it spend too much, can't launch, it even can't reach it can be released to the public stage. But if the faster speed will give you the edge of the competition in online game do you like best, or to your company to compete in the global market, you might even care about the price?
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